End of term ceremony and speech from the principal

This morning’s end of term ceremony was spellbinding with 800 garden torches lit all over campus, beautiful musical performances and a farewell speech from the principal. Enjoy some footage from this mornings ceremony and read Principal Carina Nilsson’s speech here.

Dear Students.
The autumn term is now over and you are all about to go on a well deserved Christmas break, but first I’d like to say goodbye and send you off with these few words.

Most of you will receive Christmas presents or some other form of gifts during the holiday season. I would like to ask you to take a minute to reflect on the gift you are given here at SSHL. The gift of education lasts a lifetime. You may not open your gift this Christmas, you may not open it for many years but that is what school is about. We give you a gift which contains keys, keys that will prove useful to you in the years to come when you face new challenges. These keys help you open doors to new worlds and here you will receive tools you need to understand concepts which were previously incomprehensible to you. Keys which lead to the magical world of chemistry, to the worlds of mathematics and language. What’s more, at SSHL you are also given the keys to navigate social life and become good humanists.

When you come home this Christmas and your parenst ask you “What have you learned this term?” most of you will find it difficult to articulate an answer. The first time I realized how difficult this can be to articulate was when I was serving an internship for my teaching degree. As a 21-year-old intern, I stood in front of 25 students in a 7th grade humanities class when it suddenly hit me, “as a future teacher it is now my turn to pass on knowledge to the next generation”. This wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic support I received during my school years, without all the teachers who spent time and effort on my development ensuring I receive the education necessary to become a knowledgeable member of society. When I got home that evening, I wrote a letter to the school that I had attended, Strinneskolan in Bjärtrå, thanking my teachers for the gift they’d given me through the years.

But it is not only the school I attended that I would like to thank, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, all the wonderful students here at SSHL.
Thank you to all boarding students for the lovely dinners we’ve shared this autumn.
Thank you to the day students for giving the school a genuine connection with the surrounding community.
Thank you Student Council for our great collaboration.
Thank you students for brightening my days and greeting me so happily.
Thank you student organisations for your work.
Thank you everyone who has represented the school at various events.
Thank you everyone who has been brave enough to seek me out to address difficult matters.
Thank you everyone who has spoken their mind.
Thank you everyone who spreads joy around themselves.
Thank you for all your hard work this autumn term.
Thank you all for making this school so fantastic.

Take your time this holiday break to reflect over who you’d like to thank. Maybe it is your teachers/houseparents who have the taken the responsibility to equip you with the keys to face future challenges. Don’t forget to articulate your thoughts. The staff does a fantastic job every day here at this school.
I wish you all a well deserved Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you all again on the 8th of January. A warm welcome back, but until then, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

See last week’s magical Lucia procession

Enjoy the video and photo gallery of last week’s Lucia procession below. An image gallery will be added to this post when the images become available.

Boarding school parents travel from all over the world to participate

The Lucia procession at SSHL is one of the most anticipated events of the year and parents travel from all around the world to experience it. This year was no different. Enjoy the beautiful video was made by Gabriel Lundh at Ljudbildsverket.

Swedish Lucia

Lucia is a Swedish holiday celebrated on December 13 and gets its name from the holiday’s main character. In Sweden, this day along with advent marks the start of Christmas celebrations. The Swedish Lucia traditions are a mix of pre-Christian and Christian traditions which have spread throughout the Nordic countries and in some instances outside the Nordics.

Lucia is a saint with origins from Sicily in the roman catholic church. However, contemporary Lucia celebrations in the Nordic countries have little in common with Catholic saint worship.

The word lucia is derived from the latin “lux” meaning light.
source: wikipedia

German studies field trips

One early morning, our year nine German language students took the train to Stockholm to see the “Witnesses” exhibition in the Stockholm House of Culture. The exhibition opened with

German studies field trip.

a lecture by Holocaust survivor Tobias Rawet, after which the students conemplated photographer Mikael Jansson’s portrait exhibit displayed along with quotes on a bare concrete wall. The group continued along the same theme by taking a walk to Raoul Wallenberg’s square in Stockholm city where they followed the street lined with rail and pavement stones from the ghetto of Budapest all the way down to the synagogue.

High school German language students went to see the film “Aus dem Nichts” at a local cinema.

Discussions concerning both events were continued in the classroom. The school’s humanistic core values kept the classroom discussions on point.

We would like to thank the Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren/German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the financial support that made this trip possible.

/Teacher Christina Peters

Report from China

A few weeks ago, Principal Nilsson and Mrs. Nyfelt went on a tour of China to participate in education fairs and devolop and form strategic contacts in the region. Amongst other things they were invited to visit ChonQing Nankai Secondary School.

During their visit Mrs. Nyfelt attempted to play a game of rounders with the Nankai students, much to their amusement. Principal Tian and his leadership were most gracious hosts and we are grateful for their hospitality.

We are truly grateful for for the opportunity to exchange ideas about educational development with a leading edge school like Nankai Secondary School, says Principal Carina Nilsson.


Visit SSHL at Stockholmsmässan, November 22-24, booth: C14:01


SSHL is attending the Gymnaseiemässa greater Stockholm High School exhibition at the Stockholmsmässan the 22-24 November. This is an opportunity to get to know the school a little better, meet students and teacher and get a chance to ask some questions.

Welcome to booth C14:01

Opening hours:
Thursday 2018-11-22 09.00-17.00
Friday 2018-11-23 09.00-16.00
Saturday 2018-11-24 09.00-16.00


Marbella & Mallorca

Get to know SSHL in Spain.

Individual meetings in Spain can be arranged directly with SSHL’s representatives.


the Swedish School (Svenska Skolan) 14.00
Principal Carina Nilsson will meet with the school leadership.

Principal Nilsson is also available to meet interested families.

Book individual meetings by contacting Principal Nilssaln at  carina.nilsson@sshl.se.

15 November MARBELLA

SWEA Exhibition, H10 Andalucia Plaza, 17.00-20.00
House parents Johanna Flink and Ola Olssson will be at theSWEA exhibition at the Andalucia Plaza. to provide information to interested parties.

Book individual meetings by contacting  johanna.flink@sshl.se

Welcome to Open House 28 November 2018


This Open House is for students and families looking for more information about the last three years of high school.

times: 18.00 – 20.00
Information and presentation in Instan (white building, see below).

Teachers, students and student organisations answer questions and give out information in the lobby of Instan all evening.

Coffee and tea will be served at Café Humlan all evening.
18.30 Presentation in Gradängsalen (in Instan)
18.45 First Guided tour of the school campus, bulding and boarding houses.
20.00 Open House closes.

IMG_9974adademic sundayssshl-academic-sundays

SSHL in China

On October 21 Principal Carina Nilsson and Teacher Ling Nyfelt will begin their tour of China at the  Beijing China Education Expo. Principal Nilsson and Mrs. Nyfelt will then continue their journey to the Guangzhou China Education Expo.  At the end of their journey they look forward to visiting the Chongqing Nankai Secondary School that SSHL has had the honor of being friendly with for several years.

Please e-mail Principal Nilsson to organize individual meetings: carina.nilsson@sshl.se .



Principal Nilsson and Mrs. Nyfelt will be available at the China Education Expo in Beijing between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday October 21  and Sunday October 22.


China National Convention Center
No.7 Tianchen East Road,
¨Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100105,



Principal Nilsson and Mrs. Nyfelt will then continue on their journey to attend the Guangzhou China Education Expo on October 25.  They will be available there between 1  and 5 p.m.


Shangri-La Guangzhou
1 Hui Zhan Dong Road,
Hai Zhu District, Guangzhou,


Help Us!

SSHL appreciates all the help we get with spreading the word about our various events worldwide. If  you know anyone in Beijing, Guangzhou or areas nearby that might be interested in meeting us, please share this information with them or let us know how to get in touch.  Thank you!

A letter from Principal Carina Nilsson

The new academic year is almost upon us and with it comes a new set of challenges and opportunities.

My name is Carina Nilsson and I am the new Principal and CEO at SSHL. Prior to this, in my previous role, I was the executive director of education for Härjedalen Municipality and have also worked for seven years as a teacher and principal of the Swedish School in Lisbon.

A student once asked me what a principal’s job is? This is a difficult question to answer in simple terms because it highlights the complexity of school leadership. A principal’s day-to-day tasks comprises multiple moving components, each equally important and dependant on each other. I like to compare my job to that of a captain of a ship with the school as my vessel, requiring a steady hand to navigate towards the destination of providing each of our students with a first-class education and a foundation for lifelong learning.

This vessel does not propel itself, however. Without a skilled and competent crew the ship will drift aimlessly. Every day, the staff at SSHL work side by side to provide our students with a fulfilling school day, clean and well-maintained facilities, beautiful surroundings, functioning computers, great food, a well-stocked library, safe boarding houses, sports and extracurricular activities, student health and pastoral care, a welcoming cafeteria, dedicated teachers, academic guidance and a functioning administration. I feel honored and proud to navigate this ship. Our students are our most valuable asset; everything we do is for them.

SSHL is one of Sweden’s premier schools and maintaining that position requires a serious commitment from the entire SSHL community.

Under my leadership I will strive to navigate SSHL towards a united, digital future. I will ensure that SSHL continues to grow and educate students to be prepared for a globalized dynamic world. We will stay committed to spreading our core humanistic values both within our community and beyond.

While leading staff is important, the most important aspect of school leadership is leading our students. A few years ago, while working as executive director of education for Härjedalen Municipality, I came to a point where I felt I had lost touch with the students. Every day I made decisions that impacted my students’ lives, but did I really know in exactly what way? In order to get in touch with the reality of my decisions, I decided to enrol in 8th grade for a week. The plan was to join a class like any other student, sit through their lessons, follow their curriculum, do all the same homework, eat the same meals at the same times, use the common areas during recess and so on. I will admit that I was quite nervous on the night before my first day in school.

My week as a student in year 8 became one of the most insightful experiences of my career. I gained a whole new perspective of the realities of student life. I realized that lessons do not end simply because the bell rings. Discussions continue well beyond the end of class, despite the teacher leaving. How do we take advantage of this insight? This was one of multiple insights I received during my school week. This week also helped me better understand how to navigate better. I am not worried about navigating off course sometimes, especially if it means discovering something new. With the help of the staff here at SSHL, I am ready to set sail and chart a course towards the new academic year.

Welcome on board!

Carina Nilsson

Information regarding the start of the 2018-2019 academic year

Welcome to SSHL!

Whether you are a returning student, or a new member of our community, we are delighted to welcome you to Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL) for the academic year 2018/2019. Please note that the upcoming academic year starts on Monday August 27th for all students. All students should wear the school uniform (more information below).

On Sunday August 26th we welcome all parents to a welcome drink, mingle and information. This day is for parents only, without the students.

We look forward to a new and exciting year together!

Saturday August 25th (only for new boarders)

Time Description
13.00 Information for new boarding students/families in the aula
14.00 Check in at the boarding houses
14.00-18.30 Uniform fittings according to schedule below
19.00 Dinner for students

Sunday August 26th

Time Description
12.00 Check-in for returning boarding students.
13.30-14.15 From this point on, parents only please. Parents of both day and boarding students are welcome. Mingle and information with mentors and staff at Midgårdstrappan, in cooperation with SSHL Parents Association.
14.30-15.15 Welcome presentation in the aula
15.30-16.20 Mentor time for parents
16.30-17.30 Parents Association (PTA) yearly meeting in the aula
12.00-16.00 Café Humlan open
13.30-17.00 The school shop UTIS is open in INSTAN.

Monday August 27th (only students)

Time Description
08.15 All IB classes meet, in school uniform, with their class at Midgårdstrappan (MYP2, MYP3, MYP4, DP)
09.45 All Swedish curriculum classes meet, in school uniform, with their class at Midgårdstrappan (7, 8, 9, EK, BM, NA, SA)

Tuesday August 28th

Lessons according to regular schedule

School uniforms at SSHL – 2018/2019

SSHL policy on school uniforms:

As part of the SSHL community, all students should wear correct school uniform at school, to strengthen the community and to emphasize the similarity between the students instead of the differences. We believe that a school uniform also may dampen the compulsion towards fashion and brand trends.

At specific times, and for important, formal school days, wearing uniform is mandatory and we trust that students will wear their uniform correctly with pride. The uniform is to be worn on Wednesdays, at the school start, Open House, Lucia, on the end of term ceremonies and other days which will be announced in time. The uniform should be worn the whole school day. Individual exceptions may be granted by the school management. No cap may be worn together with the school uniform. If a student does not wear their uniform correctly, a warning will be given and if repeated parents will be informed.

School uniforms can be purchased/rented/borrowed from the school´s shop on campus, UTIS, and consist of:

  • Dark-blue jacket
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • White blouse or shirt
  • School tie or school scarf
  • Black leather shoes or boots
  • Black socks/black or nude stockings
  • A navy, maroon or grey school sweater/slipover may be worn under the jacket

Uniform fittings for day students (externs):

Tisdag 21 aug Onsdag 22 aug:
Tuesday August 21st Wednesday August 22nd
08.00-12.00 Boys year 7-9 08.00-12.00 Girls year 7-9
13.00-16.00 Boys 10-12th grade 13.00-16.00 Girls 10-12th grade

New boarding students are given a separate uniform fitting schedule on arrival.

The following options are available:

  1. All students have the opportunity to borrow (deposit fee 300 SEK/garment) their school uniform during their time at SSHL.
  2. Rental of jacket + purchase of trousers/skirt, tie (800 SEK). For this option you keep your trousers/skirt/tie and return the jacket.
  3. Purchase of second-hand jacket (800 SEK – directly to the seller of the garment).
  4. Purchase of an entire school uniform (trousers/skirt/tie and jacket – 2350SEK)


  • if you borrow a jacket you may not make any sewing changes.
  • option 1 and 2 are borrowed garments and should be handed back in good condition.
  • if student grows out of pants/skirt, new garments cost 500 SEK.

If you have any questions, please call +46 8 592 571 00, or  e-mail the office at info@sshl.se.