Every person can make a difference


SSHL is currently participating in the Raol Wallenberg Academy project,  “Every person can make a difference”.

“Every person can make a difference” aims to inform students about human rights and equality. As part of the project, black “cubes” (3x3x3 meters), are sent to selected high schools around Sweden.

The students are given the opportunity to creatively interpret one of the thirty human rights from the UN Declaration of Human Rights. This is done through texts, images, film, theater, or installations inside the cube.

SSHL is currently hosting cube number 6 which represents how “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law” – the 6th article of the Declaration of Human Rights.

Art teacher Toni Graalheim will keep the cube open during lunch hours on weekdays for interested parties to view his lv year 2 students art with this theme.

Contact Toni with any questions.

The project is a nationwide Swedish project which ends on Raol Wallenberg Day, August 27, when all 30 cubes will be collected for a public display in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm.

This project aims to give schools support in the strategic work of upholding commitments to democratic and value based commitments while encouraging students to make a difference on an individual level.

Art Exhibit – Kreativ Höst

SSHL’s year 7 pupils have an art exhibit at the Arlanda Visitor Center, terminal 5, Arlanda October 27 to November 23. Welcome!

Fine arts showcase June 2016

Fine Arts 7th Grade Self Portraits from SSHL Sigtuna on Vimeo.

The fine arts groups 7a,7e, and 7ab have worked on painting self portraits in context throughout the spring. Many of them turned out really well and we’d like to showcase them here. Enjoy!

SSHL hosts successful 2016 NECIS golf tournament


This years NECIS golf tournament was hosted by SSHL at Sigtuna GK on Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of May. The contestants all performed well. The weather on the final day was fantastic and all attendees had a wonderful time. The tournament ended with a lunch and a prize ceremony.

The overall tournament winner was the International School of Luxembourg. International School of Amsterdam came in second, and SSHL came in third. International School of Dusseldorf came in fourth place.

NECIS Results

13246176_10154162621215979_3240778382288309134_o13240106_10154162620635979_38693726649274526_n13221729_10154162620580979_3043880329562068783_n13256051_10154162620410979_1153124999783514124_n13237618_10154162620345979_7771721821457951629_n13221762_10154162620305979_7587924389200644528_n13247789_10154162619045979_1410032864179003322_o (1)13235508_10154162618875979_8633595513471694107_o13247829_10154162618865979_2747189014725725080_o13243745_10154162618780979_7086664419820968386_o

Placement School
2nd ISA
Schools Matches Holes
ISL/CIS – ISA 2-2 7-6
Schools Matches Holes
SSHL – ISD/SSHL 3.5-0.5 10-5
Special Prizes
Nearest Pin Most Outstanding Female Player Most Outstanding Male Player
Jonathan CIS 76cm Anna ISA Jonathan CIS

International School of Amsterdam
Coach: Pieter Kramer
Name Handicap Slope Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Anna 36.0 38 54 26 4/2
Aristotle 22.8 26 63 31 2/0
Brian 17.5 20 93 42 2/3
Karan 7.8 9 80 37 2/4
International School of Luxembourg + Copenhagen International School
(Mixed Team)
Coach: Neil Spencer
Name Handicap Slope Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Gunnstein ISL 25.3 28 78 36 0/2
John-Glenn ISL 19.9 20 72 39 3/2
Juan ISL 36.0 42 69 35 2/4
Jonathan CIS 6.9 6 80 38 4/2

Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket
Coach: Joakim Kjellberg
Name Handicap Slope Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Silvia 14 2 14 84 44 3/2
Ludwig 14 3 16 85 44 2/0
Adam 25 5 30 78 44 5/3
Jens * 23 7 27 X 42 E
Lucas ** 4.5 5 76 X X

*Day 1, Round 2 and Day 2
**Day 1, Round 1

International School of Düsseldorf + Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket
(Mixed Team)
Coach: John Sidelko
Name Handicap Slope Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Clayton ISD 19.0 22 90 38 E
Philipp ISD 19.0 22 78 42 0/2
Ben ISD 20.0 23 65 33 2/3
Linus SSHL * 26.5 31 79 X X
Karl SSHL ** 35.0 41 X 43 3/5

*Day 1, Round 1
**Day 2