Court Rules in SSHL’s Favour

Sweden’s Administrative Court has ruled in favour of SSHL, overturning the National Agency For Education’s demand that SSHL return 3,5 million kronor it received in state subsidies. SSHLs filed an appeal with the court on 6 February 2013.

Following the verdict SSHL would like to make the following statement:

We’re delighted that the Administrative Court has ruled in our favour. The decision clearly illustrates that the National Agency for Education were not within their rights. We welcome the verdict and are pleased that our appeal has helped to clarify the rules. We would like to stress that SSHL is a foundation and thus a non-profit school. The state subsidies we received correspond to the municipal school fees that foreign Swedish families not resident in Sweden are entitled to. This funding is in no way additional funding. It’s good that we can now put this behind us and focus on the development work that is currently being undertaken at SSHL.

Art Exhibition at Arlanda Airport

Last Friday we had the opening of our art exhibition at Arlanda, Terminal 5, Arlanda Visitor Centre. It was 17 students with the individual choice of visual art that exhibited their artwork. The theme this year was “Life” and the students had interpreted it in many different ways and in many different techniques, such as oil paintings, screen print, photography, film, drawing, sculpture, etc. The opening was very well attended, to the delight of our students. Visitors could hear speeches by Maria Grund, director of passenger service at Arlanda and Lena Månsson, principal at SSHL. The students Fredrik Medin and Gustava Brag gave a speech of thanks to Anni Silfver, business developer at Arlanda Visitor Center and to the whole of Stockholm Arlanda Airport for this opportunity to show their work for the public. Our students Robina Palm, Modin Anneli, Gabriella Dobos and Lykke Ploen sang and played music during the opening.

The exhibition is open around the clock every day until May 20:th

Most Welcome!

Entrepreneurs visiting SSHL!


SSHL is the first high school in Sweden to participate in the Entrepreneur Challenge run by Founders Alliance. On Saturday, the project kicked off at the school with about thirty curious students having come along to listen to some of Sweden’s most creative entrepreneurs.


Helena Åsberg, CEO and founder of Unicorn, began the seminar, talking about the important of “daring” to do something. She also spoke of how important it is as a would-be entrepreneur to listen to your inner voice.
“If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing and don’t believe in it,” said Åsberg, “it won’t work.”

474528_10151594200225979_5614321_o-e1367862729102-200x200Next up was Greger Hagelin, CEO and founder of clothing brand WeSC.

Hagelin talked about his eventful journey from young skateboarder in California to successful global entrepreneur.

Hagelin agreed it’s important to be passionate about what you’re doing, but also stressed how important it is to find a gap in the market and never giving up in the face of adversity.

Lena Ramfelt is professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford University and has visited SSHL on numerous occasions. Speaking on Saturday, she challenged students to think about and discuss a number of real-life business case studies and explained how to put together a really good business plan.

“There must be a market problem to be solved (pain), clients (customers), and a solution to the problem (pain killer),” she explained.

Ramfelt went on to reveal that “there are a surprising number of business plans that have only the first two ingredients, which makes it a business challenge rather than a business plan,” she said.

Niclas-e1367862929783-200x200After the presentations, Niclas Carlsson, CEO of Founders Alliance, led a panel discussion in response to the questions and comments from students in the audience. Some wondered how you negotiate the job market to land your first job, whilst others wondered what the best way is to finance and build a company. The panel was unanimous in the belief that it’s better to be part of a team rather than a solo entrepreneur.

Students attending the event received a book from Founders Alliance, which contained thirty-eight different challenges. Now they have the chance to submit their contributions to the competition. It will be exciting to see what clever and creative ideas SSHL students come up with.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated and Founders Alliance for making Saturday such a successful and valuable learning experience.

Dads prepare a special dinner for the girls

This weekend Berga conducted their traditional “Dad’s Dinner”. “This year it was Tobias Olsson, Nanny’s father, who was the head chef, a position that is rotating at Berga! Tobias had composed a delightfully tasty menu cooked in Berga’s kitchen along with four other enthusiastic dads. Tobias had the following fathers along to help him; Carl-Magnus Stensson, Greger Larsson, Gustaf Hermelin and Bosse Ljungberg.

The girls dressed up and helped out by laying the table and making it look extra special!

The fathers introduced the day’s menu which consisted of artichoke soup, herb baked salmon with mashed potatoes and green asparagus, and for dessert, vanilla ice cream with raspberries, cookies and chocolate sauce.

Everyone was sat at the table while the fathers served their delicious meal.

After dinner it was time for a quiz that attracted a lot of laughter. The winning team was Elin Stensson, Lowisa Oscarsson and Lovisa Hahn.

In spite of their hard work, the dads also took care of the dishes and the cleaning up so the girls could leave Berga with full stomachs and in the certainty that this lovely tradition will continue.

A big thanks to all the dads who, with their Dad’s Dinner, do so much to make life at Berga extra, extra special!

Text: Elisabet Söderström
Photos: Elisabet Rosenström

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Vernissage at Arlanda Airport

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Laos Ban Long Laomai Documentary

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This october a group of pupils went to Laos with World Volunteer. You can read a story and see photos from their trip by clicking here. Maureen Stringer in DP13 has made a short documentary film to accompany her wonderful photos from the trip. You can watch it here or at Maureens YouTube-channel.

Laos Ban Long Laomai, Directed by Maureen R. Stringer (2012).

Vernissage at Arlanda Airport

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