Art Exhibit – Kreativ Höst

SSHL’s year 7 pupils have an art exhibit at the Arlanda Visitor Center, terminal 5, Arlanda October 27 to November 23. Welcome!

Fine arts showcase June 2016

Fine Arts 7th Grade Self Portraits from SSHL Sigtuna on Vimeo.

The fine arts groups 7a,7e, and 7ab have worked on painting self portraits in context throughout the spring. Many of them turned out really well and we’d like to showcase them here. Enjoy!

Big Challenge at SSHL


Created in France in 1999, the Big Challenge is an international contest in English as second language for students between the ages of 11 and 16. Today the Big Challenge is undertaken by thousands of schools across France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Sweden. Over six hundred thousand pupils took part in 2014, and this year SSHL will be adding our own students to this already gargantuan number!

At SSHL, we enjoy presenting our students with new and exciting challenges and pride ourselves on the quality of our students’ English skills. The Big Challenge struck us as a wonderful opportunity to combine these two things and encourage our students to keep improving their English.

On Tuesday, May 12, classes 7A, 7B, 8A, and 8B will be doing their best to represent the school and win some of the wonderful prizes on offer as well as the Big Challenge diploma.

To learn more visit:

SSHL Photography Competition – May

photography competition
SSHL photography club will be holding regular photography competitions from now on. All students are invited to send in entries to our first competition.

The theme of this competition is FRIENDSHIP.

How does this competition work?

You send in one photograph along with your name and class name to the following email address:
(It’s best to do this via your school gmail account)

  • 1 photograph per person only
  • Send in a high resolution version of your photograph
  • The jury is a group of staff members
  • The prize is two cinema tickets
  • All photographs will be put on display on this website and on some slideshows around the school.

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An interview with Carl Månsson

Car in front of Branford Gate, Yale

Carl Månsson in front of Branford Gate, Yale

Carl Månsson tog studenten från SSHL i juni 2014. Numera pluggar han på Yale i USA.

Carl Månsson graduated from SSHL in June 2014. He’s currently studying at Yale in the US.

We caught up with Carl to talk about his time at SSHL, applying for university abroad and how things are going at Yale.

He also talks about how the Natural Science Programme (Naturvetenskapsprogrammet) at SSHL prepared him for college in the US.

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Julpynt, Ambassadors, Vegi Lunches and Lucia

On Saturday I visited the boarding homes to see how everyone was getting on making pepparkakshus. I think it was the moment this year that I realised “Christmas is really coming” ! It was good to see how excited and engaged many of the students were and I listened to lots of explanations of what they were trying to achieve with their concoctions.

Of course, many of the boarders were also getting ready for Julspex, which was by all accounts a rousing success. Thank you to all the staff who help make these kind of events special and so successful.

Everyone got to see the pepparkakshus on Monday where they were on display in the diner. Congratulations to Björka, who won!

Open House

On December 2 we welcomed approximately 240 visitors to the school with students and parents wanting to find out more about the range of programmes available at SSHL. There were lots of questions and thankfully students and staff were on hand to help out. They did a great job.

One of the questions that came up from many families looking to start their children in the lower grades was “Are we opening years 4-6?” This is no doubt because of our recent questionnaire.

All I can say is that we’re in ongoing discussions with the kommun. 2016 would be the earliest we could open and fingers crossed everything will go ahead. We believe it would make a real contribution to the local community. Rest-assured, it would not impact the other students as it would be a separate unit away from the high school.

SSHL Ambassadors

We also welcomed some SSHL alumni and friends to the school last month. We gathered in Café Humlan to discuss how they can help spread the word about SSHL here in Sweden and abroad. The international boarding sector is incredibly competitive so we welcome all the support students both past and present, along with their families, give in helping to tell people about our school. This event, which we hope is the first of many, was an opportunity for those people who have expressed a willingness to help be SSHL ambassadors out in the world to gather, share ideas and encourage each other. Once again, it was an example of that wonderful SSHL spirit that makes this school such a unique, vibrant place to live and work.

Vegetarian Monday Lunch

As part of our commitment to sustainability and working for a more environmentally friendly world, we’ve been testing out “Vegetarian Monday Lunch” in the diner for the last four weeks. Some staff and students have been very supportive of this, whilst others aren’t convinced. After all, lunch is an important part of the school day. In order to decide if we are to continue with this in the new year, the students who came up with the idea for the campaign will be carry out a survey to get some feedback from the school community. It will be interesting to see what the school says!

The End of Term is Soon Upon Us

Finally, back to Christmas! On Friday we’ll be celebrating Lucia, although from the look of it there won’t be any snow. And next Friday, the 19th, sees the annual Christmas celebration at SSHL with us lighting outdoor candles across the campus, one for each person at SSHL.

In the meantime, students are hard at work finalising assignments and course units. I can sense that the term is winding down through the rush of energy that seems to be bounding around the corridors, the dining hall and across the campus. We are all trying to find that magical balance between work and play.

瑞典斯格图纳学校人文学堂 (瑞典SSHL学校)



北京 Beijing

2014年10月25日-26日(周六、周日) 09:00-16:00


October 25-26, 2014 (Saturday, Sunday) 09:00-16:00

Hall 5, Hall 6, B1, China National Convention Center

成都 Chengdu

2014年10月30日(周四) 13:00-17:00


October 30, 2014 (Thursday) 13:00-17:00

2F, Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu

The Start of Term, Autumn 2014

An information letter will be sent out on approximately August 11 to students who have been accepted during the summer.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: or 08-592 57100.

Information about the start of term

Day Pupils

Sunday 24 August

  • 14.00 Mingle on the steps outside Midgård.
  • 15.00 Information meeting with the Principal and PTA in the Aula.
  • 16.30 – 18.00 Parents meet mentors in Instan.

Pupils are, of course, welcome to attend!

Monday 25 August

School starts at 9.45. All students assemble on the steps outside Midgård before walking together to the Aula (Dress code: uniform).

Boarding Pupils

Pupils and parents will be contacted approximately a week before the start of term about which boarding home new pupils have been placed in.

New boarding students will be welcomed to their boarding home on Saturday, 23 August from 14.00. Returning boarders are welcome back on Sunday, August 24.

Saturday 23 August

  • From 14.00: Moving in to your home for new boarding students.
  • Students try on their uniform (both Saturday and Sunday).
  • BBQ for all new boarding pupils.

Sunday 24 August

  • Kl 14.00 Mingle on the steps of Midgård.
  • 15.00 Information meeting with the Principal and PTA in the Aula.
  • 16.30 – 18.00 Parents meet mentors in Instan.

Pupils are, of course, welcome to attend!

Monday 25 August

School starts at 9.45. All students assemble on the steps outside Midgård before walking together to the Aula (Dress code: uniform)

Valborg Fast Approaching

valborg blogg

There has been so much happening at SSHL ahead of Valborg and I wanted to bring you up-to-date.

“Skolkonferensen” was held on April 10 and was fruitful and inspiring. It’s an important forum for us to discuss with the students, staff, parents and alumni. I think a lot of good ideas and thoughts were shared. Full minutes from the meeting are available on the school portal.

We welcome Life-Link

Life-Link, the non-profit organization that promotes sustainable living, founded by SSHL alumni Dr Hans Levander, will be moving to SSHL from its previous base in Uppsala as it moves into a new phase of its development. Hans Levander has selflessly worked to promote sustainability across the world and amongst young people and we admire the work he, along with his team, have done hitherto.

SSHL will, in conjunction with the move, be hosting the Life-Link International Conference which takes place between August 4-10 later this year. Twenty-five schools from around the world will be attending. More information will follow.


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Pin Day 2013


Last Wednesday it was the traditional “pin” day at school with new students gathering on the steps of Midgården to be presented with SSHL pins by their mentors. Students starting in the high school were given bronze pins and the silver pin was given to new gymnasie students.

“Traditionally, the event takes place on one of the first Wednesdays of the new school year,” said former principal Lena Månsson, who, as a senior consultant, is an integral part of the leadership team. “I know just how much it means to the students. They’re very proud of their pins.”

Fanny Ljungberg, president of the School Council, held a speech and spoke fondly of the time she received her own pin. [Read more…]