SSHL Principal Margret Benedikz Interviewed

Margret has ambitious plans for the school

This week Karin OConnor interviews school principal and director, Dr Margret Benedikz.

Margret, who took up her post at SSHL in April, talks extensively about the changes that have taken place at SSHL since the start of the year and the new work that’s being done in terms of academics and student welfare. She also explains the decision to offer two new programmes for Gymnasium students applying this year.

Margret, with a background in education, having first completed a PhD before running Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet as principal for 8 years, talks at length about SSHL’s academic ambitions for its students, and the need to make SSHL the standout school for innovation and pedagogy going forward.

Quite a lot of focus in this show is on the gymnasium but we’ll have more about the MYP and Grundskolan on a later episode. However, thank you to everyone who has applied for grundskolan next year. Applications have been streaming in.

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