Subscribe to our digital calendar

These are instructions on how to subscribe to the digital version of the School’s calendar that we maintain and update.

You can synchronise this with most modern calendar applications to be able to overlay it to your own personal or work calendars. We provide basic instructions for iPhone, Android and Outlook users below.

The principle is the same for all of the services. To sync our main calendar to your calendar, simply paste our ical address into your calendar at the correct menu within your calendar app.:

The ical calendar address is
Note that downloading the ics file and importing it to your calendar will not keep it updated with any changes we make.

Other calendar applications

We suggest you google “how to sync public ical calendar to” or “how to sync internet calendars with” and add your application name.

Good luck!

iPhone and iPad users

Please follow the instructions here.

Android users

There are two options for Android users

  1. Using a computer navigate to the google calendar at making sure you’re logged in to the account your android phone uses. Find the “other calendars” pane on the left, click the little arrow in a box to the right and select “add by url” and paste the ical link from above.
  2. To do this directly in your phone you you need to use an external app such as iCalSync.

Outlook users

Outlook users can follow the instructions here.