Life-Link Founder Talks to SSHL

Following on from Friday’s podcast SSHL managed to talk to Hans Levander, one of the founders of Life-Link, a former SSHL pupil (Class of 1960) SSHL 1960, Senior Physician and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1985 as a member of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

hans levander

Hans Levander

SSHL: What do you see as the central aim of Life-Link ?
Hans: The Life-Link program was developed to engage young people and educators around schools worldwide in positive and affirming local actions in relation to the theme of peace; as explained through the ethics of My Responsibility to Care for the Self, to Care for the Other, and to Care for the Environment.

SSHL: What’s the focus of the two local actions this year ? What are you hoping to achieve?
Hans: From a menu of around 50 proposed lessons or “Life-Link actions”, that any class can perform locally at and around the school, we will 2014 highlight two actions that focus on how I as an individual can make a contribution and small difference to our Planets “flora and fauna carrying capacity”:
A R-R-R action (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle), and a Water for Life action. Both actions can be integrated in the schools theoretical and practical curriculum. The Water action should preferably be performed in March 2014 connecting to the World Water Day 22 march.

SSHL: Life-Link will hold a conference at SSHL 4-8 August. What is the focus of this conference ?
Hans: Ten international Life-Link conferences have taken place at SSHL since 1987, the most recent in 2012. SSHL in Sigtuna, Sweden, is the perfect venue for international youth and schools conferences with a focus on common concerns for how to develop a human behaviour in harmony with planetary resources sustainability. Such aims are expressed in the United Nations Millennium Goals and the decade campaign Education for Sustainable Development and decade Water for Life.

Another six international conferences have taken place in Moscow, Bratislava, Alexandria, Rosario, Amman and Petra. SSHL students and teachers joined these conferences.

More than 700 schools in 80 countries have received information (Life-Link Alert November 2013) about the Life-Link Campaign 2014, and how to apply for participation at the SSHL conference 4-8 August

SSHL: What will happen at the conference ?
Hans: Around 25 qualified school delegations representing 20 countries will be accepted for the conference, each school with two students (preferably boy & girl) and one or two teachers. A total of 75 delegates will thus be hosted at three of the SSHL houses for a five days intensive program!

The program will offer key note presentations; each school will in plenary and poster sessions present its ongoing RRR and Water activities; Workshops and sport-jogging-games in the afternoons; a one day visit to Uppsala for RRR-fieldstudies and tourism. Diplomats from the Embassies in Stockholm will as usual be invited to the opening and closing ceremonies. Social programs in the evenings. Perhaps most important of all: informal smalltalk and networking! Tears on departure day!

SSHL: How can students get involved?
Hans: Sigtuna students have the unique privilege to join a) as one of the conference delegations, and b) as part of the conference planning and performing staff team ! Involvement is always good for your CV and could also form part of the IB CAS!

SSHL: How can students find out more?
Hans: Keep in contact with SSHL teacher Suzanne Gavin. Teacher Christina Peters is also a key Life-Link SSHL educator with a close connection to the Life-Link I CARE AWARD that recognizes students who Care for the Self, Care for Others, Care for Nature.

Principal Dr Margret Benedikz highlights the guiding principles at SSHL of Leadership – Internationalization – Sustainable Development, that are all in perfect harmony with the forthcoming conference.

SSHL alumni student Dr Hans Levander from Uppsala and Maria Barck-Holst from Stockholm will also be close partners in the conference planning team!

We much look forward to cooperation in order to make SSHL visible and wellknown world-wide as an extra bonus of the conference in August 2014!


Thanks to Dr Levander for taking time to talk to SSHL. To find out more, please visit: