Planning the Life-Link Conference

Six students from grade 7 and 8, together with Christina Peters and Ian Gavin, spent an afternoon with the Life-Link team in Uppsala last Friday.

The aim of the visit was to give the students an opportunity to learn from experienced leaders who have organised many successful international conferences for young people.

SSHL is to host the international youth Life-link conference later this year, between August 4-8. Students have been asked to volunteer to help with the organisation of this event, and full support has been given by the Life-Link team.

How to Organise an Event

On Friday the students spent an energetic afternoon problem solving, understanding what is involved behind the scenes in conference, and considering what they need to do next. Each student has a job to do from organisational work to finding sponsorship and funding for the event. This was led by the Life-Link founder Hans Levander who led an inspiring afternoon.

A Chance to Learn, a Chance to Help

Being involved in this event and Life-Link itself will give young people a chance to lead, work with others, learn from others and make friendship connections across the world. The three values that Life-Link promotes – “Care for ourselves – Care for each other – Care for the environment” are simple yet very powerful if we embrace them.

Get involved

If you wish to be involved it is still not too late! Contact Christina Peters or Suzanne Gavin for further information.