Nationa Programmes in Swedish

Programmes taught in Swedish

The Natural Science Programme

One of the school’s most popular, this programme combines a core of science, maths and technology with modern languages and humanities – a great preparation for Swedish universities and further studies in IT, medicine, architecture. Many graduates even go on to study economics or law.
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The Social Science Programme with international specialisation

A university preparatory programme with a wide range of options for studies after graduation – from teaching and journalism to law and psychology. The programme’s breadth also makes it a good choice for those who are not quite sure what they would like to do after high school.
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The Business Management & Economics Programme

Taught both in Swedish and bilingual in English/Swedish, this programme provides a theoretical and practical foundation in economics, marketing and leadership for continued university studies in the UK, US, Sweden and many other countries. Great emphasis is put on entrepreneurship, culminating in a Young Enterprise Initiative project – a hands-on project setting up, running and developing your own company with a group of friends.
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