Published 24 January 2017

Welcome to Open House 01/28 10 am – 2 pm



  • 10.15 Middle School information in Gradängsalen.
  • 11.15 and 13.15 High School information in Gradängsalen – Eddy Johansson, Margret Benedikz, Björn Swartling.

We welcome you to Open House at SSHL where you will gain an insight into the school and all the programmes we offer. You will have an opportunity to talk to staff and students and discover just what makes SSHL different.

As well as the information about study programmes, activities will take place and there will be guided tours around the campus available for everyone. Tours take approx 20 minutes.

We hope you enjoy the evening and look forward to seeing you at SSHL. The event takes place in Instan, pictured below.

Welcome to SSHL!