The Parents Association

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The Parents Association at SSHL represents the parents of every student at SSHL. Its main purpose is to support the well-being of students and student needs within the school community.

Membership is automatic for parents of students at the school. When also contributing by paying the membership fee, you support and promote friendship and community spirit within the school.

Föräldraföreningen 2023-24

The board 2023-24: Anna Malm Kelfve, Martin Boldt-Christmas, Johan Henrikson, Beata Moberg, Jakob Bosson, Jennifer Grahn. 

Thank you for your contribution

SSHL Parents Association 2020

The membership fee is a voluntary donation and with your contribution, we will be able to make our school even better by supporting:

  • activities that will benefit all students at SSHL
  • student organisations at the school
  • different sports and recreational activities
  • cultural experiences
  • events with guest speakers

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The membership fee

The membership fee is SEK 850 per family and academic year.
We kindly ask for your payment before October 1.
Swish Föräldraföreningen på SSHL medlemsavgift
International bank transfer IBAN: SE20 6000 0000 000794 639 798
Account holder: Föräldraföreningen vid Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket
Bankgiro: 441-8042
SWISH: 123 514 2005

Letter to parents: the membership fee

Interested in getting involved?

Are you interested in getting involved as a parent? Making a contribution? Or being a Swedish guardian for a boarding student?
Get in touch at

Contacts 2023-24

The board is also available at:
Election committee: Tiblez Sundström, Anna Johansson and Carl-Fredrik Odenrick.

Johan Henrikson (Chairman)
+46 8 527 279 82

Jakob Bosson (Treasurer)
+ 46 76 540 84 30

Jennifer Grahn (Member)
+46 70 638 98 94