Sports and activities at SSHL

At SSHL you find an extensive programme of different sports and extracurricular activities.

Leisure and physical activities

Life balance - in your own way

Academic learning is certainly important, but success and wellbeing depends on rest and recreational activities too.

Almost every day of the week, for the entire school year, you can find enjoyable activities at SSHL that will inspire and energize you. We offer plenty of choices, including sports, wildlife and creative activities such as music and cooking.

Sports & activities programme

Download the Sports and Extracurricular folder! Read about all our activities and see the complete extracurricular programme for the school year.

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Sports and activities - on your terms

At SSHL you’ll meet professional and dedicated recreation and sports teachers. Our large indoor hall has room for everything from basketball and floor hockey to dancing, boxing and various forms of physical exercise.

And just outside, students can play street basketball and beach volleyball. Take a few steps more in the direction of Lake Mälaren and you’ll see our tennis court, football field and the boathouse for our canoes and sleek racing boats for rowing.

Release your creativity!

Music, drama, art, film and design – if you enjoy being creative, we have fantastic opportunities for you at SSHL.

Our centre for art, music and drama is bursting with life from early morning to late evening. The students who have their own bands that rehearse in the basement. On the ground floor is a large room for music and singing lessons. Here you also have access to a professional sound studio.

The school’s art department has everything you’ll need to develop your artistic talents and skills, for example digital  art work.