About SSHL

Live and learn in a beautiful, vibrant setting

SSHL is a boarding school. Our primary charge is to provide Swedish students both from home and abroad with a high-quality, rigorous education in a boarding school setting.

As a foundation, SSHL is not run for profit. Remaining funds are re-invested into the school.

Students may choose from several Swedish academic programs or as an alternative the International Baccalaureate in English.

At SSHL, we are currently phasing out our year 7-9 and IB Middle Years Programme classes, and these will not be available any more from 2024/25.

Dedicated teachers, outstanding support

There are approximately 200 boarding students and 500 day students at SSHL, although this can vary from year to year. At present, the boarding school comprises seven boarding houses, of which three are for girls, three are for boys and one is a mixed home for the middle school pupils. House parents (on duty 24-7) and House Tutors are available to help students deal with the challenge of studying at a boarding school. We are committed to help every student develop to the fullest of their potential.

Although they live off campus, day students are just as much a part of campus life, and are included in all campus activities and events. They are affiliated with a student house and are welcome to participate in all the school’s activities and socialize with their friends at SSHL.

girls studying
Humanistic and holistic principles guide our approach at SSHL. We believe that all knowledge is interconnected and valuable, from classical school subjects, to sport, to creative arts and recreational activities. With a focus on the student as a complete whole, our teachers strive to foster every student’s unique talents and potential. Each student creates their own course of study.

The school’s academic performance has surpassed the national average for many years, particularly in the IB Diploma Programme, the international programme taught in English. We believe that committed teachers, a focus on the individual, a wholesome learning environment where students can study in peace and quiet all contribute significantly to academic achievement. Each class has never more than 28 students, and extra help with homework is available every day. Our experienced staff can provide extra support as needed. We consider the comprehensive recreation programme at SSHL a critical component of their education, as well.


The uniform is an important part of the schools’ history. It brings the students together and is much appreciated. Read more about the school uniform.

SSHL provides access to a school doctor, school nurse, psychologist and study counsellor. Students with special needs can get increased study support with remedial teachers.

The school library is a quiet place for students wishing to study, read or use the school computers. The dining-hall serves a selection of appetizing and healthy food every day.