The history of SSHL

The foundation of SSHL was built in the 1920's with the two boarding schools present in Sigtuna at that time.

Two schools merged to one

As early as the 1920s, there were two boarding schools of note in Sigtuna: Sigtunastiftelsens Humanistiska Läroverk, founded by bishop Manfred Björkquist and Sigtunaskolan, founded by theologian Harry Cullberg.


The two schools, Sigtunastiftelsens Humanistiska Läroverk SHL and Sigtunaskolan SS, merged in 1980 to form Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket, SSHL.

Since then, the school has become the leading boarding school in Sweden, combining high academic standards with a wide range of recreational activities, study support and student welfare.

Managed by Sigtuna Skolstiftelse

SSHL is situated on Sigtuna’s western slope, the same site where SHL once stood. The unique school campus is framed by beautiful natural surroundings with a view over Lake Mälaren.

SSHL is managed by Sigtuna Skolstiftelse with Sigtunastiftelsen and Knut and Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse as trustees. As a foundation, the school is not run for profit.

Some of our famous alumni:

  • King Carl XVI Gustaf (Herrgården, SHL)
  • Curt Nicolin (Ängsbacken, SHL)
  • Olof Palme (Ängsbacken, SHL)
  • Povel Ramel (Kvarnbranten, SHL)
  • Herman Kling (Kvarnbranten, SHL)
  • Claes Bernadotte af Wisborg (Midgården, SHL)
  • Jacob Wallenberg (Stora Skolhemmet, SS)
  • Peter Wallenberg (Stora Skolhemmet, SS)
  • Marcus Wallenberg (Stora Skolhemmet, SS)
  • Bengt Öste (Ängsbacken, SHL)
  • Jan Kallberg (Ängsbacken, SHL)
  • Annika Falkengren (Skoga, SHL)
  • Cecilia Hagen (Berga SHL)
  • Folke Rydén (SHL)
  • Daniel Espinosa (Herrgården, SSHL)
  • David Fjäll (Herrgården, SSHL)
  • Agnes Hellström (Berga, SSHL)
  • Carl Bennet (Kvarnbacken, SS)
  • Cecilia Gralde (Backa, SSHL)