IB Programmes

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

One of the first in Sweden

SSHL implemented the IB curriculum by introducing the Diploma Programme over 40 years ago. Our long experience of the programme, together with the dedicated help of skilled teachers, makes it possible for students to reach their academic potential.

From 2021, we also offer the IB Career-related Programme which prepares you for employment as well as for higher education.

A drawing, showing IB year 9-12

High tempo, high ambitions

Students choosing these programmes have a mixture of backgrounds – both international and Swedish. The courses are taught at a high tempo and therefore it is important that you are highly motivated, prepared to work hard and are structured in your studies. The reward for your hard work comes in the form of an IB qualification. With that in your hand, you will be able to apply to most international and
Swedish universities, including those top-ranked.

Two or three years

If you choose to follow one of the IB Programmes you first do a preparatory year, called MYP5 (IB Middle Years Programme final year). This year not only provides you with an academic foundation, but also gives you time to adapt to living away from home in a new environment. If you already have sufficient knowledge from your previous education, you can start directly on the IBDP or IBCP, which are two year programmes.