SSHL School Calendar

School Year 2024/25

Full / digital calendar, see below.

Autumn 2024
School start: 19 August
End of term: 20 December
Autumn break: 28 Oct-1 Nov
Holi/study day: 25 October
Spring 2025
School start: Monday 13 January
Holi/study day: 21 February
Sports break: 24-28 February
Easter break: 14-21 April
Holiday: 28 + 30 May
Graduation day: Wednesday 28 May
End of term: Friday 13 June
Autum 2025
Autum 2026

The Digital Calendar

This digital calendar also shows boarding and extracurricular activities and is updated regularly – add it to your personal calendar, see tips below!


To sync the SSHL calendar to your calendar
, paste the ical address above into your calendar at the correct menu within your calendar app.

Students and employees should simply add to their SSHL Google calendar.

Please note: downloading the ics file and importing it to your calendar will not keep it updated with any changes we make.