School rules and policies

Core values and policies

Core Values, Aims and Guidelines.

Equal Treatment Plan and SSHL Drug Policy.

SSHL School Policies
– for inclusion, language, assessment, academic integrity and admission.

SSHL’s core values

SSHL is a place where students from Sweden and the rest of the world meet.

One of the pillars of SSHL is respect for all. Everyone is valued equally and has the same rights regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age or membership to a particular boarding home.

Our school should be a safe and positive environment in which to study, work and live. It therefore goes without saying that we strongly disapprove of all forms of discriminatory behaviour.

If it has come to our attention that a student has been subjected to any form of discrimination, we act in accordance with our Equal Treatment Plan.

There is zero tolerance at SSHL against all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and abusive treatment. This is also regulated in the Education Act chapter 6 “Measures against abusive treatment”. Abusive treatment is one behavior that violates the dignity of a child or student.

The basic rules for all students


SSHL aims to provide high quality teaching and our goal is that all students reach their full potential.

At the school, adults and students meet every day. For the comfort of everybody and so that students get as much from their time at school as possible, it is important that all students, adults, and also visitors show consideration and respect towards one another.

Alcohol, narcotics, doping substances, tobacco and gambling

SSHL is an alcohol, drugs, doping, tobacco and gambling-free school. Our rules apply to all activities conducted by the school. We work actively with both preventive, promotive and remedial efforts where both students and staff participate, in accordance with the SSHL Policy for alcohol, narcotics, doping substances, tobacco and gambling.

Penalties and consequences

When it comes to penalties related to teaching, we follow the Swedish education laws. When we need to correct other behaviour or actions that go against our core values, we make use of discussions, warnings and suspensions. Particularly serious infringements could lead to SSHL terminating the student’s boarding contract with the school.

The school views some misdemeanours as more serious than others: this is particularly true in cases of alcohol or tobacco use, cheating or demonstrating poor camaraderie. Our first action in these cases is to contact the parents, with the next step being a written warning that can lead to the student’s suspension for a period of time.

Any student found breaking the school’s rules or core values risks not being able to sit on the student council, or become an elected representative. The student is also not allowed to represent the school in different contexts for four months after the incident’s occurrence.

A student found using narcotics or doping substances, other students’ medicines, or committing other serious misdemeanours, risks being suspended from SSHL and the boarding houses during an investigation. This is in order to ensure the other students’ safety.

The school reports all activities that break Swedish law to the police and/or social services.