The annual fees below apply for the academic year of 2024-2025. Our fees are revised on a yearly basis.

General conditions and details: Day student  Boarding student (pdf)
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Swedish curriculum: no fee for day students.
IB Programmes: an additional school fee applies for all IB students, please see below.


The fee for boarding depends on:

  1. the student’s citizenship
  2. choice of boarding option
  3. choice of curriculum. For all students in the IB Programmes, the additional IB school fee applies. Please see below.
Application fee
5 000    
Registration fee 10 000    
Boarding fee/school year Weekly Boarding  Traditional  Full Boarding
Swedish and expatriate
Swedish students
335 000 370 500 432 500
Overseas citizen students 
/GAP Year
443 000 480 000 542 000

Siblings: For parents and guardians who have more than one child enrolled in the boarding school, the boarding fee will be reduced according to the following:
Child no 2 – 5%, child no 3 – 10%, child no 4 – 15%, child no 5 – 20%.


For all students in the IB Programmes, the following additional IB school fee applies:

(SEK/school year) Day student  Boarding student
IB MYP4 30 000 30 000
IB MYP5 / IB DP* / IB CP*  37 000 37 000

* An examination fee will be added to the spring term fee invoice for grade 12 students.


(SEK/school year) Day student  Boarding student
Extracurricular activities  2 000 0
School uniform price varies 0
School/sports excursions price varies price varies


School- and boarding fees are invoiced twice per academic year. Payment should be received by SSHL no later than:

  • 30 June for the following autumn term
  • 30 November for the spring term
  • 30 September for IB MYP5 day students.

Boarding student

Applications for boarding are made directly with SSHL, independently of regional or municipal application processes. We accept boarding applications all year around to all programmes.


We have no cue system for IB Programmes. Applications for the IB Programmes needs to meet certain criteria. For day student IB applications, please contact: admission@sshl.se