Apply as day student

Become a day student at SSHL

Swedish gymnasium

First-year high school applications (Swedish gymnasium) are made the same way as for other schools via:

Admission depends on the number of places available to day students and their grades.

  • There is a language test for students applying to an English-language programme.
  • High school applications year 2 or 3; for application enquiries, please contact

IB Programmes

Applications for the international IB MYP, Diploma and Career-related Programmes needs to meet certain criteria according to Swedish school law. To apply for these programmes as a day student, please contact

Swedish middle-year programmes and IB MYP2-4

Due to high demand, we will start an additional class for students in MYP4 this autumn. Read more and apply! 

From 7 April 2021 we do no longer have a queue system for Swedish middle-year programmes (grundskolan åk 7-9) or IB MYP2-4. These programmes are being phased out starting autumn 2021 and cancelled completely from the school year 2024-25.

Annual admissions to year 7 and MYP2 are cancelled.

It is however open to apply for open spots in MYP 2-4, during the phase-out period.
To find out about open spots and to apply, please contact