Where our graduates go on to study after SSHL

After SSHL

Most of our students proceed to higher education after graduation, many of them to well known universities around the world. Here is an overview of universities and colleges SSHL graduates have gone onto study after finishing at SSHL.


All universities and colleges.


University of Exeter; English, Medical Sciences with Professional Training, Business Management, International Relations
University of Warwick; Philosophy with Psychology
University of Kent; Politics and International Relations, Law
University of Nottingham; Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with Year in Industry
King’s college; Psychology, Digital Culture, International Relations & Psychology, History
Durham; Psychology, Economics and Politics
Royal Holloway; Psychology, LLB Law, International Relations
University of Bath; Psychology, Biomedical Sciences (with placement)
University of Edinburgh; Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry
The university of Manchester; Mechanical Engineering, Physics with Theoretical Physics
SOAS University of London; law
University of Surrey; law
The university of Aberdeen; Psychology with Counselling Skills
Loughborough university; Social Psychology
University of Bristol; Chemistry with Industrial Experience
University college London; Physics
QMU;, Computer Science with Management (ITMB)
University of Chicago; Undergraduate studies
Yale; Undergraduate studies
Brunel; Digital Design
York; PPE
Liverpool; Biological & Medical Sciences
Brighton; Civil Engineering
Warwick; PPE
Richmond; Fashion Management & Marketing
Queen Mary University of London; English & European Law
Instituto Europeo di Disseny (IED) Barcelona; Creative Advertising & Marketing
Goucher College (Maryland)