Published 16 June 2021

Are you looking for a place for MYP4 this fall?

Due to high demand, we will start an additional class for students in MYP4 this fall.

There is, therefore, still an opportunity for you who are applying for a school place for your child in the fall to apply for this year, which corresponds to Year 9. Boarding students apply here on our website.

As a day student, we ask you to contact, so that we can send the application documents.

MYP4 is a good preparation for students who want to continue at IB in high school and our MYP4 students have a place in MYP5 if they meet the requirements that exist.

Anyone can apply for this international program, but we are primarily looking at the following criteria:

  1. The child has resided in Sweden for a limited time,
  2. The child has gone to school abroad for a long time and wants to finish their education in Sweden.
  3. There is reason to assume that the child will leave Sweden for a longer period, or
  4. The child has the school’s language of instruction as a daily language of contact with one or both parents/guardians and sufficient knowledge of the language to follow the instruction.

The Admissions Committee’s last meeting before the summer break is on 22 June and thereafter only at the beginning of August. This means that if you want to be notified before August, it is urgent that you submit an application soon.

For students in IB MYP4, the school fee is SEK 25,500 per academic year.

Welcome to MYP4 with us at SSHL!