Published 9 June 2021

Dry Soap and Innovative Brands awarded Best UF company

Our young entrepreneurs in Dry Soap UF and Innovative Brands UF have been awarded this year’s awards for Best UF Companies (young entrepreneurs) at SSHL:

Företagarna i Sigtuna’s price of SEK 5,000 for the Best UF Company 2021

Today, this year’s UF students year 2 at the Swedish high school met with Företagarna in Sigtuna, represented by Elias Yavus, to receive the Företagarna’s award of SEK 5,000 for the Best UF Company.

The prize for Best UF company at SSHL in the academic year 2020-21 was awarded to Dry Soap UF, run by students Moa Andersson, Ella König, Isabelle Sürer and Caroline Åhlberg in EK22.

Three highly qualified UF companies were nominated by the school’s teachers in Economics – namely Amica Terrae UF, Dry Soap UF and Melange UF – with strong competition from another 15 great UF companies at SSHL this academic year. The UF companies submitted video pitches where they described their business concepts, operations and financial results, after which Företagarna i Sigtuna nominated the best UF company among the three.

The motivation from Företagarna in Sigtuna emphasized that
“The UF company Dry Soap made an excellent presentation and exceeded earnings expectations, and further they did many things right during the difficult times for entrepreneurs during the pandemic, and succeeded with both sustainability and environmental goals, with benefits for local business in Sigtuna”.

Unga företagare på SSHL vinner årets pris från Företagarna i Sigtuna
From the left: Vice principal Mrs Anna Kalles, teacher of the entrepreneurship course Mr Muhammad Akram, students Isabelle Sürer, Moa Andersson, Ella Köng, Caroline Åhlberg and the Award Presenter from Företagarna i Sigtuna, Elias Yavus.

Rotary Arlanda-Märsta scholarship to Best UF company

The Rotary Arlanda-Märsta scholarship to Best UF Company, which also supports Sigtuna’s young entrepreneurs, was awarded last week during the school’s scholarship day.

This year’s winner at SSHL was Innovative Brands UF, run by William Ekberg and Valdemar Kranz in NA21. The students run UF companies as IV choices in Year 3, and were nominated for the award by the teachers in Economics at SSHL.

The award presenter from Rotary Arlanda-Märsta, Jan-Erik Påsse:
”William and Valdemar impressed the Rotary members with their company presentation, which due to the current situation was held as a digital meeting with Rotary members and Board. William and Valdemar have shown with their UF company that the future looks bright for Sweden’s young entrepreneurs!“

Unga företagare tilldelas Rotarys pris 2021.
William Ekberg and Valdemar Kranz in NA21 was awarded Rotarys Scholarship for Best UF Company 2021.