German studies field trip

3 December 2018

One early morning, our year nine German language students took the train to Stockholm to see the “Witnesses” exhibition in the Stockholm House of Culture.

The exhibition opened with a lecture by Holocaust survivor Tobias Rawet, after which the students conemplated photographer Mikael Jansson’s portrait exhibit displayed along with quotes on a bare concrete wall.

The group continued along the same theme by taking a walk to Raoul Wallenberg’s square in Stockholm city where they followed the street lined with rail and pavement stones from the ghetto of Budapest all the way down to the synagogue.

High school German language students went to see the film “Aus dem Nichts” at a local cinema.

Discussions concerning both events were continued in the classroom. The school’s humanistic core values kept the classroom discussions on point.

We would like to thank the Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren/German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the financial support that made this trip possible.

/Teacher Christina Peters