IB teachers gathered at SSHL for a workshop

A group of IB Diploma Programme teachers in Sweden visited SSHL the other day for a workshop and in-depth work on Swedish B- and Swedish Ab initio issues.

The purpose for the meeting was essentially to exchange ideas but also to create a number of common tests for Swedish B och Ab initio students.

The teachers gathered in the Assembly Hall on this rather cold but sunny morning. During the day, the group took the chance to enjoy the fine weather by taking a walk around the campus and the programme also included a visit to the school dining hall for lunch.

SSHL is an accredited ‘IB world school’ and we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma-programme since almost 30 years. IB DP is very popular and it is an outstanding preparation for university studies. Our long experience of the programme, together with the dedicated help of skilled teachers, makes it possible for students to reach their academic potential. The vast majority of our teachers have English as their mother tongue.

Network of IB-teachers visiting SSHL

Sanna Heidmark, IB teacher at SSHL, took the group of IB-teachers on a tour around the SSHL campus.