Published 28 May 2018

House tournament “Hemserien” results

The final relay race in the boarding house tournament “hemserien” between the different houses was held last week in beautiful weather. The final results for this year are as follows:

Girls Houses

Sport, Berga, Haga, Skoga
Track & Field, 15,12,10
Basketball, 15,12,10
Floorball, 10,12,15
Volleyball, 15,10,12
Badminton, 12,15,10
Football, 15,10,12
Trail running, 10,15,12
Relay Race, 10,15,12
Total, 102,101,93

Boys Houses

Sport, Sandvreten, Midgården, Backa
Track & Field, 15,12,10
Basketball, 15,10,12
Floorball, 9*,12,15
Volleyball, 15,12,10
Badminton, 15,10,12
Football, 15,12,10
Trail running, 12,15,10
Relay Race, 12,15,10
Total, 99,98,89
*One point deducted due to not fulfilling secretarial duties. When two houses have equal scores the most wins and second plaements and so forth will be used to calculate a winner.