Published 4 December 2017

Lucia celebrations 2017


All parents to students at SSHL are invited to celebrate the Swedish holiday of Lucia at the Mariakyrkan church Wednesday, December 13 (see map at bottom of page). Lucia celebrations at SSHL are very popular and a magical experience nobody should miss.

Wednesday, December 13, Schedule

07.00 -07.55 The first performance får year 7-9, MYP2-4 and all respective parents.
* 08.15 “Fika” (coffee and baked goods) in the dining hall, lessons begin 09.00
08.15 -09.10 The second performance for high school students, swedish gymnasium first year students and DP19-20 and all respective parents.
* Kl. 9.30 “Fika” (coffee and baked goods) in the dining hall, lessons begin 10.00
09.30 -10.25 The third performance for high school students, swedish gyknasium year 2-3 and DP18 with all respective parents. Normal lessons between 08.00-08.50 and from 11.00. “Fika” (coffee and baked goods) served with lunch.
10.25 Photo opportunity.
10:30 Book Release: In memory of Folke Åkerblom. A presentation of the book in memory of Folke Åkerblom, enthusiastic teacher, house parent and school leader at SHL-SSHL (1930-2016). The presenatation will be held in Gradänsalen in Instan. (If you are interested in the book but cannot attend we urge you to contact ade av Kerstin Sörman at or Douglas von Sydow at
10.45 End of Lucia celebrations. Participating students have the rest of the day off.

This is what it sounded like last year:

Lucia 2016 choir from SSHL Sigtuna on Vimeo.