Open House January 25, 2020

Come visit us at Open House on January 25

Time: 10:00 – 14:00

Learn about boarding school life, our academic programmes, the student organisations, see the campus and meet our students and staff.

Who is open house for? 

Open house is open to all families interested in our Middle Years (MYP) and High School Programmes.


Meeting point and all information is given in “Instan”, the white building some 200 meters above the entrance (see image and map below).

All day Guided tours throughout the day. Student organisations presents their work. Coffee and tea is available.
10:00 Open House begins
10:30 High School presentation in Gradängsalen
11:30 MYP presentation in Gradängsalen
12.30 Teachers and students and school management are available for information.
14:00 Open House ends

Café Humlan, Midgårdstrappan: Chess tournament and a fantastic view.
Trägolvet: On floor 2 in Instan you find information on our programs, extracurricular activities and boarding.
Boarding houses: ‘Backa’ and ‘Skoga’ are open for you to visit.
Study Center: See the study center in Instan, the entrance hall.
UTIS: The school shop is open and answers questions about the school uniform.

IMG_9974adademic sundayssshl-academic-sundays

Instan: Meeting point and all information is given in “Instan”, the white building.