Published 19 October 2017

SSHL tours China

On October 21 School Director Dr. Margret Benedikz begins her journey with Ling Nyfeldt through China from Beijing to Shanghai and finally to Hong Kong. In each of these cities, she will hold a lecture on Bilingualism discussing some of the challenges that families face living with children in a bilingual/multilingual environment.


How do we face the challenges of living with our children in a bilingual / multilingual environment?

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Dr. Benedikz and Mrs. Nyfeldt will attend the China Education Expo in Beijing.  Dr Benedikz will hold her first lecture on 23 October 10am at the Western Academy of Beijing hosted by Svenska i Beijing och SWEA Beijing.  Dr. Benedikz will have time to meet privately with families and other interested parties beween 23-24 October.

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Mrs. Nyfelt and Dr. Benedikz will be available for individual meetings in Shanghai between the 26-27 October.  Dr. Benedikz will hold her Bilingualism lecture 1pm, 27 October at the Swedish Consulate  with  the  Svenska Skolan Shanghai as our hosts. Between 28-29 October Mrs. Nyfelt and Dr. Benedikz will be representing SSHL at the China Education Expo in Shanghai.

Hong Kong

On 30 october at 10am Dr. Benedikz will hold her lecture on bilingualism at  SEB, Jardine House, 17 floor with  SWEA Hong Kong and Svenska Skolan Hong Kong as hosts.  At this occasion Dr. Benedikz will  be available for individual meetings.

Help us!

If you know anyone in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong kong that might be interested in meeting us or simply interested in helping us spread the word about our events we would be very greatful if you could share this information with them or let us know who you think we should contact.

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