Published 28 May 2018

“Studenten” High School Graduation 2018

At SSHL there are plenty of traditional graduation activities for students, families and staff. The following is a recap of some of the events in a letter sent out to families earlier this term.

Monday May 28 – “Gubbskiva”

Dinner for students and invited guests (seated in mentor groups). The evening starts at 18.00 with a performance by the students (per class) followed by dinner where the students give their speech to the mentors.

Thursday May 31 – Scholarship Ceremonies

The students gather by the Aula at 13.45 and march into the Aula where parents , family and second-year pupils are waiting. The programme starts at 14.00 with speeches and music performances followed by the scholarships awards being given to the students. There are no further planned activities at the school after the ceremony.

Friday June 1 – Graduation itinerary

08.30 – 09.15, Breakfast for boarding students in the boarding houses. Examination witnesses and teachers holding examination lessons eat breakfast together in the main dining hall.

09.20, Graduating students meet the examination witnesses and teachers in Instan/Gradängsalen.
09.45 – 11.10, Examination lessons according to special schedule in the presence of exam witnesses and school management.

11.15, Scrutinium in the Aula for students , examination witnesses and teachers. The examination witnesses give their assessments and graduating students say their farewells to their teachers.

11.30 – 12.00, Assembly at Midgårdstrappan for the graduating students’ families , relatives and friends. The colorful Matriculation cap is exchanged for the traditional white Graduation cap in Midgården.
12.00, The main graduation event takes place on Midgårdstrappan where the graduation students run out of school signifying their successful graduation. Photos are taken after which the graduating students step down from midgårdstrappan and meet their families.

12.20, The graduating students assemble on the wall opposite Midgårdstrappan to sing graduation songs and chants.
12.45, A brass band leads the graduating students through Sigtuna town and back to school.
13.00 – 14.00, Examination witnesses and teachers are served lunch in the dining hall.
13.30, The graduating students return triumphantly from their march through Sigtuna town.

13.30, Reception for families and relativers at the graduates’ boarding houses. Registrations with number of guests should have been received by your boarding house May 1 (no more than 10). Day students organize their receptions off campus.

circa 18.00, Graduates and invited guests depart for the graduation ball.

circa 02.00, Bus from the ball returns guests to both Sigtuna and Stockholm.

Boarding houses closed June 2-3.