Business Management & Economics Programme – bilingual


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At SSHL, you can study the Business Management & Economics Programme in both Swedish and bilingual Swedish/English.

The Business Management & Economics Programme was established for those wanting a career in business, finance, marketing, leadership and management. It provides a modern and good theoretical basis for further business studies in Swedish or internationally.

Subjects in economics also open doors when it comes to business accounting or marketing. You learn how to use IT in marketing and accounting, as well as getting good knowledge in professional business language, both speaking and writing in Swedish and English.

Practical Entrepreneurship

Many young people are attracted to the idea of starting and running their own business and more entrepreneurs with good ideas and a strong drive are just what society needs. Entrepreneurship is the key theme in the Economics Programme during your high school years. During the third academic year, your theoretical knowledge is put to the test. Then, together with some schoolmates, you will launch, manage and develop your own enterprise in accordance with the Young Entrepreneurs concept. You will think of a business idea, conduct market analyses and write a business plan for your YE company. You’ll also get venture capital, manage purchases, sales, marketing and everything else that belongs to a real business. In the annual report, you’ll present the accounts of your business.

A Springboard into the World

Studies in the Economics Programme qualify you for university studies in both Sweden and abroad. Many of our students go to business schools, university economics programmes and to further education in industrial economics. It is also common to apply to Berghs School of Communication or the London School of Economics.

Core Courses in the Economics Programme

Entrepreneurship and business economics 1, private law, modern languages, psychology 1, entrepreneurship and business development, business economics 2, mathematics 3.

This programme is taught in both Swedish and bilingual in Swedish and English.