Published 3 October 2017

Welcome to Parents Day at SSHL

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

We look forward seeing you!

Kind regards,

School Leadership Team


Schedule for the day

9.00-15.00 Meeting with teachers in Instan A letter will be sent shortly with a link to the booking code to schedule times with individual teachers. The meetings are open for all students.
9.00-14.00 UTIS (the school shop) open
9.00-15.00 Café Humlan open
12.00-13.00 Lunch for boarding parents will be served in each respective boarding home
13.15-13.45 Information to parents and guardians of families living abroad. An opportunity to meet School Director Margret Benedikz and Marika Wäreborn from the Parents Association who will be present to answer questions
14.00 Applying to Swedish university and university in the US & UK Parents are invited to attend a lecture about the application and admissions process for universities. Lecturer: Ingrid Annett-Nordström/Dr. Jon Buscall The lecture will take place in Gradängsalen, Instan
15.00 Official opening and mingle in the school dining hall
19.00 The Parents Association dinner at Sigtunastiftelsen
(see separate invitation from the Parents Association for details)