Publicerat 11 juni 2018

20th Life-Link International School Conference at SSHL

The 20th Life-Link Internatinoal School Conference will be held here at SSHL on June 16-21, 2018. With about 50 guests from nine countries the conference is sure to be productive.

This year’s conference focuses on the role that the United Nations plays in climate change. The final day of the conference shifts towards the future and examines topics like nuclear threat, graphene and peace.

Summary of goals:

  • Discuss the future and the possibility of world peace.
  • Discuss the issue of the nuclear threat and its impact on the world and climate.
  • Participate in the UN climate role play.
  • Show each school’s work within the Life-Link values: Care for yourself, Care for Others and
    Care for Nature.
  • Get new contacts from around the world that could last a lifetime.
  • Return to your school with new ideas and conclusions using what you learn from other school’s perspectives and ideas combined with the various
    discussions held during the conference. To be included in the Education for Sustainable Lifestyle (ESD).


  • Life-Link Friendship schools located around the world.
    Representatives from the United Nations.
    Politicians and Democrats from various countries are invited.
    Keynote speakers


June 16, Day 1, Arrival Day Arrival / Pickup / Living Quarters
18.00, Dinner
After Dinner, Prepare poster session combined with school presentation

June 17, Get-together, School activities, introduction of UN Climate Role play
07:30 – 8:30, Breakfast
09:00, Bus to Stockholm10.30 – 13.30, Sightseeing by boat “MS Movitz” electrical ship (including lunch)
14.00-16:30, Free time
16:30, Return by bus to Sigtuna
18:00, Dinner
19.30, Prepare poster session combined with school presentation

June 18, Opening and presentation of UN Climate Roleplay

7:30 – 8:30, Breakfast

09:00, Opening ceremonies

Welcome speeches

Lars Johnson: Chairman Life-Link

Margret Benedikz: Principal  SSHL

10:00-12:00, Poster session combined with school presentation

12:00-13:00, Lunch

13:00-14:00, What happens with the climate? Update by Pär Holmgren

14.00-15.00, Presentation UN Climate Role Play. Assigning to groups and countries

15.00-15.30, Break

15.30-17.30, Work on position papers (in groups)

18:00, Dinner

Evening, Everyone reads all position papers

June 19, UN Climate Roleplay

7:30-8:30, Breakfast

9:00-9:30, Welcome by the “United Nations General Secretary”

9:30-10:30, Opening speech by country (Max 3 minutes!)

10:30-11.00, Agreement draft # 1 by the secretariat

11:00-12:00, Statements (Work groups)

12:00-13:00, Lunch

13:0013:15, Agreement draft #2 by the secretariat

13:15-14:00, Negotiations in groups

14:00-14:30, Statements (Work groups)

14:30-14.45, Possible agreement #3

14:45-15:15, Break

15:15-16:30, Final negotiations – Agreement reached?

17:30-18:30, Dinner

19:00-21:30, Multicultural evening (Peder Palmstierna)

June 20, Peace and the nuclear threat

7:30-8:30, Breakfast

09:00-10:30, Presentation of the ICAN organisation Winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Price
10.30-12.00, Workshop: “How to counteract the Nuclear threat”

12:00-13:00, Lunch

13.00-14.00, “Graphene – the material of the future”  Björn Franzén, SSHL

14.00-15.00, Workshop – “Graphene”

15.00-15.30, Break

15.30-17.30, Tour in Sigtuna “History and investments in sustainability”

18:00-19.00, Dinner

19.00-20.30, Closing Ceremony

June 21, Departure day

7:30-8:30, Breakfast