Published 27 April 2021

3rd place in Hack the Pandemic hackathon!

A big congratulations to our team of students who spent their weekend in the competition Hack the Pandemic hackathon!

The SSHL team won 3rd place with their solution ‘City Travel App 2.0’ and were highlighted for “outstanding engagement, creative problem solving, and applicability of concept”.

The students truly showed great ingenuity, resilience, and commitment to excellence. Now they have the opportunity to put their concept into application by a development network.

The Hack the Pandemic hackathon kicked off on Friday evening with the mission to design, test and execute ideas on everyday challenges generated during this pandemic. The event was organized by the Uppsala Sustainability Inno-center

The SSHL team chose the challenge “Preventing transmission on transport” and was up against 300 participants, mostly professionals and graduate students, from around the world.

The students started hacking on Saturday morning and continued until 16:30 on Sunday afternoon. A talented SSHL Visual Arts student then edited the material into a video presentation. The team submitted their final product at 17:58 – 2 minutes before the deadline.

The SSHL solution ‘City Travel App 2.0’; is an application that is designed to piggyback off existing city travel apps in cities around the globe. The safety features in the app are designed to use biometric scans for signs of infection before travellers enter the bus/train, as well as a facemask detection function integrated with the bus cameras. The goal of the app is to help avoid city wide lockdowns, and protect democratic values such as freedom of movement in a safe and sustainable manner.

The winner was announced on Monday 26 April. The jurors had received 23 projects, of which 7 were shortlisted. SSHL participated with students from the SSHL Think Tank and the SSHL Design and Technology Group.

Winning team:
Mikael Hartzell DP22, Daniel Hawking DP22, Hanning Jiang MYP5, Matteo Villa DP22, Louis Toulemonde MYP5, Magnus Hawking DP22, Johan Berch MYP4, Agnessa Poluzhnikova DP21, Georgios and Clara (team leaders and teachers).