Published 6 April 2023

50 days to graduation 2023

STUD23 have only 50 days left to graduation!

See photo album below.

Today we are celebrating “50-dagars”, a much-loved tradition at SSHL, where the graduating students of the year celebrate that there are only 50 days left until graduation. They also receive their Abiturient caps on this day, which traditionally signifies that they are eligible candidates to receive a high school diploma this year.

The tradition begins on the steps to House Midgården, where the students each perform a skit or show of some kind, often ending in the traditional chant about only having 50 days left until graduation.

March to Sigtuna Foundation and the town of Sigtuna

Afther the shows are over the graduating students all march down to the Rose Garden at our neighboring sister organization, the Sigtuna Foundation, where they toss a coin in the wishing well. The students then proceed to march through the town of Sigtuna.

Receiving the caps

The march returns to the steps at Midgården where the students receive their Abiturient caps, resulting in smiles all around.

So much love is put into the food at SSHL, which is so appreciated, always!

Dinner and ARCU gala

After receiving their caps, the graduating students all change for dinner, in order to end the day with the yearly ARCU gala organized by the student organization “Arcu et Fidibus”. The graduating students are seated for dinner. After dinner, the younger students, staff and sometimes parents join for an exciting gala event where prizes are given out to students in a multitude of categories.

See photo album below: