SSHL is a boarding school. Our primary mission is to provide Swedish students both from home and abroad with a high-quality, rigorous education in a boarding school setting. SSHL also welcomes international boarding students as well as day students from Sigtuna and surrounding municipalities. All students wear school uniforms on Wednesdays and on special occasions.

SSHL is managed by Sigtuna Skolstiftelse with Sigtunastiftelsen and Knut and Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse as trustees. As a foundation, the school is not run for profit.

Facts 2018/19

  • No. students: 700, of which 198 boarders and 502 day students. 301 students receive their lessons in English (DP, MYP, BM).
  • Amongst the boarders 61 are Swedish-nationals from abroad. There are 33 foreign students and 104 Swedish students.
  • Class size: approximately 28 students.
  • The boarding school has 7 student houses: three for girls, three for boys and one for middle school pupils.
  • Girls’ houses (92 pupils): Berga, Skoga, Haga.
  • Boys’ houses (85 pupils): Midgården, Backa, Sandvreten.
  • Middle school house (21 pupils): Herrgården.

Elementary school

  • Elementary school year-class 7-9 and the IB Middle Years Programme has 278 students (42 boarders) with lessons given in Swedish or English.

High school

  • Swedish high School programmes and IB DP have 430 students

Programmes taught in Swedish

  • Business Management & Economics programme
  • Natural Science programme
  • Social Science programme

Programmes taught in English

  • IB Diploma programme
  • Business Management & Economics programme

In the unlikely event that I wish to make a complaint, how can I do this?

We believe that maintaining a close and trusting relationship with parents is vital for a child’s successful education and well-being. Complaints or issues that cannot be sorted out with a mentor / teacher should be taken up with a member of the school leadership team: principal or assistant principal. Should the matter persist, it is possible to turn to Sigtuna School Foundation, who are ultimately legally responsible for SSHL. Such matters are handled by the School Board. They can be reached by email: styrelsen@sshl.se The Board considers all matters that are brought to its attention in an impartial and objective way, liaising with the school, parents/guardian and student where necessary.