Published 20 November 2017

Author Ursula Poznanski visits SSHL

On assignment from the Goethe Institute

It isn’t every day we read novels in German. In order to promote interest and passion for litterature the Goethe Institut has assigned SSHL German teacher Christina Peters the task of creating educational material around one of the most popular and award-winning German language authors of books for youth, Ursula Poznanski.  Mrs. Peters went ahead and tried her newly minted material on our students whom became enthused and interested in reading more. Discussions and questions from the students concerning Ursula Poznanski’s work culminated in the author coming to SSHL for a visit just before fall break.

The author read her work for SSHL students.

Ursula Poznanski read from her youth thrille Elanus.   It isn’t often one gets a chance to ask the author face to face about what they were thinking when they wrote a book or what it’s like to be an author. Why did the main character do what they did, and what is it like being an author? How many books ahve you written, why are they thrillers, are they made into movies, and how much of your own life is in the books?  The students had many questions, all in German of course.[robo-gallery id=”24895″]

SSHL’s library contains a wide variety of books in multiple languages

The SSHL library contains books in English, Swedish and German. Before Ursula Poznanski continued her trip to Uppsala she stopped by the library and signed all her books there.  All in all a very successful collaboration with the Goethe Institut and a very special German lesson at SSHL.  We hope this encourages our students to borrow and read these and other books.  We promise that there’s something captivating for everyone.