Parents Association Dinner on March 16

Welcome to spring dinner 2019

The SSHL Parents Association invites you to spring dinner at Sigtunastiftelsen on Saturday 16 March 2019.

For more information and to register, please click here or contact Karolina Norlin at

The Parents Association’s information page can be found here:

SSHL Debate Society invitation to SSHL Open

SSHL debate society - January 2019

SSHL debate society – January 2019

The SSHL Debate Society is proud to host a debate competition this spring; the SSHL Open 2019.

The debate tournament will be held in September and debaters at all levels from across the world are invited to attend and enjoy each others debating skills. We see this as an opportunity for participating teams to interact and engage in critical issues.

SSHL Open will be held in accordance with the World School Debate Format. And this weekend will not only include debates — lectures, skill workshops and evening activities are all a part of the programme!

Do you want to register for SSHL Open 2019?

You are most welcome to register your debating team for SSHL Open in March! Please fill in the form here: On this page, you also find more information about the competition weekend.

The Chief Adjudicators Panel will comprise three experienced debaters and judges;

Trinn Toimetaja, was the President of the University of Tartu Debate club from 2016 to 2018. Also, she was the DCA of English College Open 2018 and the CA of FINDA Schools Cup 2018.

Milla Huuskonen, who is a highly experienced debater and judge. Her university debating speaker achievements include breaking at the European Universities Debating Championships twice and making the top 10 ESL speakers of Euros in 2018.

Johan Allen who is thrilled to be back at SSHL as a member of the CAP. His final Swedish schools tournament as a debater was hosted in Sigtuna. As an adjudicator, Johan was a trainer and finals judge at the 2018 Nordic Debate Academy

We are looking forward to many national and international teams joining us and a weekend filled with fantastic debates!

Facebook: SSHL Open 2019
For motions, registration and more, please visit

Guest Lecturer at today’s Assembly: Peter Wallenberg Jr.

Peter Poker Wallenberg gästföreläser på SSHL

Peter Poker Wallenberg as guest speaker at SSHL during today´s assembly.

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High School Graduation “Studenten” 2019

At SSHL there are plenty of traditional graduation activities for students, families and staff. The following is a recap of some of the events in a letter sent out to families earlier this school-year.

Tuesday April 9 – 50 Days-to-Graduation, Arcu-gala

Start: 16.00. “50-dagars” is a much-loved tradition where the graduating students celebrate that there are only 50 days left until graduation. The tradition begins on the steps to Midgåren where the boarding houses each perform a skit or show of some kind. The students then proceed to march off campus and through the town of Sigtuna. Students receive their Matriculation cap when they return to school. The dinner starts at 19.00 for students and specially invited guests, continued by the Arcu gala.

Read more about this tradition and see some of last years celebration here.

Monday May 27 – “Gubbskiva”

Dinner for students and specially invited guests (seating in mentor groups). The evening starts at 18.00 with a performance by the students, followed by dinner where the students give their speech to the mentors.

Tuesday, May 28 – Scholarship Ceremonies

The students gather by the Aula at 13.45 and march into the Aula where parents, family and year 2-pupils are waiting. The programme starts at 14.00 with speeches and music performances followed by the student awards. No planned activities at the school follows afterwards.

Wednesday May 29 – Graduation day


Time Activity
08.30 – 09.15 Breakfast for boarding students in the boarding houses. The exam witnesses and teachers with lessons eat breakfast in the dining hall.
09.20 The students meet the exam witnesses and teachers in Instan/Gradängsalen.
09.45 – 11.10 Lessons according to a special schedule in the presence of exam witnesses and school management.
11.15 Scrutinium in the Aula for students, exam witnesses and teachers. The exam witnesses give their assessment and the students say goodbye to their teachers.
11.30 – 12.00 Assembly at Midgårdstrappan for the families, relatives and friends. The Matriculation cap is exchanged to the Graduation cap in Midgården.
12.00 The student graduation on Midgårdstrappan. Photographing and there after the student meet their families.
12.20 The students assemble on the wall opposite Midgårdstrappan to sing.
12.45 The brass band leads the students back through Sigtuna.
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch for exam witnesses and teachers in the dining hall.
13.30 The students return from their march to Sigtuna.
13.30 External students have their own receptions.
18.00 Departure to Valedictory ball.
02.00 Return from the ball with buses to Sigtuna and Stockholm.

Open House 26 January 2019

Come meet us!

Discover the SSHL campus, meet students & staff and get a feel for what SSHL is all about.
26 January 2019

Times: 10.00 – 14.00

Learn about boarding school life, our academic programmes, the student organisations, see the campus and facilities.

Who is open house for? 

Open house is open to all families interested in our middle years programme and high school programmes.


Meeting point and all information is given in “Instan”, the white building (see image and map below).

All day Guided tours all day long. The student organisations Kenya project and Life-Link presents its organisations.
10.00 Open House begins
10.30 High School presentation in Gradängsalen
11.15 Middle Years Programme school presentation in Gradängsalen
12.45 High School presentation in Gradängsalen
13.30 Middle Years Programme school presentation in Gradängsalen
14.00 Open House ends

IMG_9974adademic sundayssshl-academic-sundays

Instan: Meeting point and all information is given in “Instan”, the white building.