IB teachers gathered at SSHL for a workshop

A group of IB Diploma Programme teachers in Sweden visited SSHL the other day for a workshop and in-depth work on Swedish B- and Swedish Ab initio issues.

The purpose for the meeting was essentially to exchange ideas but also to create a number of common tests for Swedish B och Ab initio students.

The teachers gathered in the Assembly Hall on this rather cold but sunny morning. During the day, the group took the chance to enjoy the fine weather by taking a walk around the campus and the programme also included a visit to the school dining hall for lunch.

SSHL is an accredited ‘IB world school’ and we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma-programme since almost 30 years. IB DP is very popular and it is an outstanding preparation for university studies. Our long experience of the programme, together with the dedicated help of skilled teachers, makes it possible for students to reach their academic potential. The vast majority of our teachers have English as their mother tongue.

Network of IB-teachers visiting SSHL

Sanna Heidmark, IB teacher at SSHL, took the group of IB-teachers on a tour around the SSHL campus.

Alumnus coaches IB students

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming alumnus Carl Ramfelt back to SSHL. We invited Carl back to speak to our MYP5 and DP20 students about how to make the most of their time here at SSHL.  He also gave our students some practical advice on how to achieve to the best of their potential in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Carl graduated in 2018 from the IBDP here at SSHL and was promptly awarded a four year full-ride scholarship from the University of California, Santa Cruz where he is currently studying.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to return to the beautiful SSHL campus” says Carl.

Carl was born in the United States but moved to Sweden in 2007. He currently lives on campus at the University of California, Santa Cruz, about an hour south of San Fransisco.

The students had many questions for Carl during his presentation, and he also took time out of his day to relive some memories in the dining hall over lunch with some of our staff members.


Annual Parents Association Dinner 12 October

Parents Association Annual Dinner

The SSHL Parents Association invites Parents and Friends to the Annual Dinner on Saturday, 12 October 2019 at 7 pm in the Stora Salen at Sigtunastiftelsen in Sigtuna.

Pre-dinner drinks and a three course menu with a glass of wine will be served for the price of SEK 950 per person. Additional drinks will be available for purchase throughout the evening.

During the dinner, the Music Association will provide a musical performance and representatives from the Kenya Project will present their work.

We look forward to a great evening and hope to see you there!
Dress: Smart Casual

Please let us know if you will be attending the event, together with the names of your guests and any dietary requirements, by email to karolina.norlin@sshl.se. Please send your payment to the Parents Association’s bank account, quoting your name as a reference, by no later than 4 October 2019.
We will confirm your attendance via email once payment has been received.

Price: SEK 950/person
Bankgiro: 441-8042
IBAN: SE20 6000 0000 0007 9463 9798
SWISH: 123 514 2005

Information regarding the start of the 2019-2020 academic year

Welcome to SSHL!

Whether you are a returning student, or a new member of our community, we are delighted to welcome you to Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket SSHL for the academic year of 2019/2020. Please note that the upcoming academic year starts on Monday August 26th for all students.
Dresscode: school uniform (dates and times for uniform fittings below).

On Sunday August 25th we welcome all parents to meet and mingle and for information, se below. This day is for parents only, without the students.

We look forward to a new and exciting year together!

Please note the programme regarding the start of the academic year below.
If you have questions, please call +46 8 592 571 00, or send an email to info@sshl.se.

Saturday August 24 - only for new boarders

time activity
13.00 Information for new boarding students/families in the Aula
14.00 Check in at the boarding houses
14.00-18.30 Uniform fittings according to schedule below
19.00 Dinner for students

Sunday August 25 - only for returning boarders

time activity
11.00 Check-in for returning boarding students

Sunday August 25 - only for parents

time activity
12.00-12.45 Welcome presentation in the Aula by Principal Carina Nilsson. Year 7 parents receive information on classes
12.45-13.30 Mingle and snacks with mentors and staff (in or outside the Dining Hall)
13.30-14.30 Parents Association (PTA) yearly meeting in the Aula
14.30-15.30 Mentor time for parents in Instan
15.30-16.00 Teachers and mentors available for individual talks
13.00-16.00 The school shop UTIS is open in Instan

Monday August 26 - only students

time activity
08.15 All Swedish curriculum classes meet (in school uniform) with their class at Midgårdstrappan (7 8 9 BM EK NA SA)
09.45 All IB classes meet (in school uniform) with their class at Midgårdstrappan (MYP2 MYP3 MYP4 MYP5 DP)
10.30-12.30 Lunch for all classes
12.30 End of first day for Swedish curriculum classes
14.00 End of first day for IB classes

Tuesday August 27

Lessons according to regular schedule

Uniform fittings for day students

Tuesday August 20 – boys 
08.00-10.00 Middle school, Swedish year 7
10.00-11.00 Middle school, English year 7 (MYP2)
11.00-12.00 Other Middle school students
13.00-16.00 High school students

Wednesday August 21 – girls
08.00-10.00 Middle school, Swedish year 7
10.00-11.00 Middle school, English year 7 (MYP2)
11.00-12.00 Other Middle school students
13.00-16.00 High school students

Uniform fittings for new boarding students will take place according to a separate schedule during the day of arrival Saturday 24, and Sunday 25 of August.

Information regarding the school uniform at SSHL year 2019-2020

SSHL policy

The SSHL uniform is an important part of the school’s heritage. The uniform unites us and is the mainstay of our school spirit.  The uniform is optional in school, but a mandatory part of the boarding school, and is worn for the entire school day on the following occasions:

  • every Wednesday
  • when representing the school at different events
  • otherwise specified days

The school uniform consist of:

  • Dark-blue jacket
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • White blouse or shirt
  • School tie or school scarf
  • Black leather shoes or boots
  • Black socks/black or nude stockings
  • A navy, maroon or grey school sweater/slipover may be worn under the jacket

The school uniform is handled by the school´s shop on campus. In the school shop, there are also gray trousers/skirts and white shirts/blouses for sale, as well as hoodies, t-shirts, knitted tops etc.

The school uniform is included in the fee for the boarding students.

Day students have the options to borrow or buy jacket, tie and scarf in the school´s shop:

  1. All borrowed garments come from the school´s existing stock only and should be handed back in good condition.
  2. If you borrow a jacket you may not make any sewing changes.
  3. If your jacket is returned in bad condition and in need of replacement you will be charged for a new jacket.
  4. The returning of a borrowed jacket is due no later than the week after end of term or graduation day.

The school shop also sell second-hand jackets from former students. The payment for those used jackets goes directly and entirely to the seller.

Price list

Jacket 1 850 SEK
Full uniform (trousers/skirt, tie and jacket) 2 350 SEK
Trousers/skirt 500 SEK
Shirt/blouse (various models) 400-550 SEK
Second-hand jacket 800 SEK

Read more about the school uniform

If you have questions, please call +46 8 592 571 00, or send an email to info@sshl.se.

Ella, our very own Netflix star

Ella Rappich became the school’s very own Netflix star overnight when she suddenly appeared in a newly released and well received Netflix series.

Ella, a ray of sunshine, is the polar opposite of the series that she describes as dark and brutal. The series is called Quicksand and is based on a novel by Malin Persson Giolito. Ella plays a teenager named Amanda Steen and is the main character’s best friend.

– To some extent, Amanda has a lot in common with me, says Ella. She’s at the same point in life and in a similar situation to mine. Amanda is also in her final year of high school, she’s a positive girl who sees the good in everyone, but she has a tendency to turn a blind eye to reality.

Ella is a Sigtuna native and has lived here her entire life with her family comprising her mother, father and little brother. When I met Ella at the school’s café on a sunny mid-May afternoon she brought with her the busy air of a senior student getting all their ducks in a row for graduation and beyond. She had almost completed the International Social Sciences programme at SSHL that se says has given her the opportunity to study political science, international relations and to travel.

It has been just over a year since the day Ella’s mother mentioned that a casting crew would be at SSHL and that they were looking for teenagers to appear in a TV show. Ella was one of many students from SSHL and other schools that queued up for the audition:

– My first audition was terrible. I had to pretend to make a phone call. Much to my surprise, they called me back a few weeks later for a second audition, she says.

Ella har sin 50-dagar-till-studenten mössa på Café Humlan, SSHL.

Ella is wearing her 50-days-to-graduation cap at Café Humlan, SSHL.

A few months of silence went by. Then, in the blink of an eye, it all happened at once. Suddenly she met both the director and her co-actors and on May 23, Ella’s birthday, she had her costume fitting. Taping started immediately and continued over a few intensive months between May and November.

– I’m glad I had time to read the book before we started. I was relieved that I enjoyed the book, it’s a good book!

But it’s a brutal and honest story. Nothing is whitewashed, it breaks through the facades that people maintain. Ella says she’s met the author multiple times:

– Malin is wonderful! She was there during the entire production and also afterwards. She’s an amazing woman with so much talent and many fantastic books already written!

Ella Rappich, student from SSHL, appears in Netflix series Quicksand.

Ella Rappich, student from SSHL, appears in Netflix series Quicksand.

After graduation, Ella says she just wants to rest. She doesn’t want to have to think about her education for a while. Taping the series and going to school at the same time has been really taxing.

– I pulled through it, it was only for a set amount of time. The school has maintained it’s high demands of me, but my mentor and the school in general has been really supportive and given me extra attention. I had to work extra hard at home to stay caught up with my classes, but it was worth it in the end!

After school Ella is just a regular girl. She has an after-school job, friends and a boyfriend. She enjoys painting, playing floorball and she enjoys alone time by herself too:

– Sometimes I like to cozy up in bed and watch movies by myself. But SRK is taking all of my free time at the moment! SRK is the Senior Year Committee at the school. We organise a lot of the dinners and parties for the graduating class.

The most difficult part of acting was dancing on set in front of cameras. Dancing and consiously trying to look natural, with a camera on your face was a real challenge.

– It was hard. Finally my co-actors stood behind the camera and danced with me to put me at ease!

Ella Rappich at Midgården, SSHL Campus

Ella Rappich attended the International Social Sciences Programme and graduated from SSHL in May, 2019.

Netflix stardom and the attention surrounding that is another confusing and difficult issue. In general though, Ella’s life is much the same as before Netflix.

– I enjoy it. Many nice people have contacted me to say nice things and people on the street have wanted pictures with me. Here, at home in Sigtuna is where I get the least amount of attention.

Ella is grateful for all the people she has gotten close to during the tv production. Both in front of and behind the camera, people who made her feel safe and welcome on set:

– It was a great crew, and it was a team effort. I got all the help I needed.

Ella never aspired to become an actress. She has always liked to dress up and to get on stage, but she’s never seriously considered it as a career. I ask about her future, does she have any new acting gigs lined up?

– Nothing specific, she laughs… I have auditioned for a few other parts. I don’t know yet. I think I got this job by chance, I simply think I fit how the casting director envisioned Amanda. We’ll see what opportunities show up!

Moa is aiming for EHL in Lausanne

Moa travelled to EHL in Lausanne this spring by special invitation after winning their writing competition. Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is well renowned among Hospitality & Leisure Management Universities and Moa hopes to be accepted there after her final year at SSHL.

Students at SSHL are regularly accepted to
top ranking universities across the world and this year is no exception.
We have spoken to three of our ambitious students about their future adventures.

Moa Andreasson is always on the go, never standing still or slowing down. Before arriving at SSHL, her one and only goal in life was to become a professional dancer. She started dancing as a ten-year-old and gave her undivided attention to her studies at the Royal Ballet Academy in Stockholm and the Zurich Dance Academy.

One day the unthinkable happened, Moa fractured her spinal column. The doctors told her she would never dance again. In despair, she packed her things and returned to her family stationed in India. Back in India, she focused all her efforts on rehabilitation. Since there were no suitable schools available for her where her family was stationed she made the decision to move back to Sweden and study Business Management here at SSHL starting around Christmas 2017.

She was half a year behind with her academic studies by then, but she managed to catch up in only a single term.

– From day one I was commuting to dance rehab in Stockholm from SSHL in Sigtuna, Moa explains. I was slowly but surely able to start dancing again all while going to rehab. By February, doctors confirmed that my back was healed!

Moa Andreasson, SSHL

Moa has put her dancing shoes aside and is back at SSHL to finish her high school studies.

Her goal was still to be a professional ballet dancer. So, once again, she auditioned for the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and returned to her studies there after the summer break. She resumed over 25 hours of dancing, six days a week with a simultaneous course load of academics. At the end of the school year, she was accepted to join the summer intensive at the acclaimed New York American Ballet Theatre, ABT, through a scholarship awarded to her by the Royal Swedish Opera:

– New York was fantastic and dancing at ABT was a dream come true! But after those weeks, I was so tired, she says with emphasis. It was such hard work. The constant pressure to achieve perfection killed my motivation. Was it worth it for the chance of a career dancing on stage? I was never able to rest, never be free… I really didn’t know what to do.

A few days before school was about to start, she simply decided to quit dancing. She sent an email to SSHL asking to be allowed to return and because she had proven her ability to catch up she was admitted to SSHL once again to join a new class, in another program and move back into her old boarding house. She is now finishing up her 2nd year (grade 11):

– My old friends and teachers were really surprised when I showed up here again, but their reactions were all positive and I felt o welcome here. I love dancing, but life is more than that. School here is great and now I have a new, “normal” life!

The trip to Lausanne and her visit at EHL was very inspiring. And a journey that brought Moa a new goal in life.

About Moa
Age: Turns 19 this summer
Class: Social Science SAM
Hobbies: travelling, reading, writing
Lives: in India and at SSHL
Favourite place: on an aeroplane, on my way somewhere
Plans for the summer: hotel work in Stockholm, travelling with friends, visiting family in Skåne, getting my drivers license and flying to my family in India at the end of summer.
Fun fact about me: I am very curious, even to the point that the teacher had a talk with my mom when I was only seven years old to explain that “it’s okay to not have to know everything, all the time”

Felix has chosen Georgetown University

Felix has accepted an offer to attend Georgetown University this fall. Georgetown is well known for its political science department including the prestigious Walsh School of Foreign Service that counts former president Bill Clinton as an alumni (among many others). Felix also has offers from Cornell University, the University of Chicago and from the University of Virginia, as well as a generous offer for an academic scholarship from SMU in Dallas.

Students at SSHL are regularly accepted to
top ranking universities across the world and this year is no exception.
We have spoken to three of our ambitious students about their future adventures.

Felix Hamilton has just returned to Sigtuna and SSHL after three weeks preparing for his IB exams back home in London. The trip was also a chance to catch up with friends and family. Before him lies a hectic end to his time at SSHL with IB exams, graduation traditions and ceremonies only a few weeks away. He’s been applying to US universities throughout the spring:

– I have decided to accept the offer from Georgetown University next year. I was accepted by several other universities too, and I have an academic scholarship at SMU in Texas. But Georgetown is ten minutes from Washington DC, so it is a great location.

Felix Hamilton, SSHL

Felix likes to campaign for environmental issues.

Some of his London friends are also going to Georgetown University, which probably makes his decision easier. He intends to major in biology at the moment. During his first year as a “freshman”, he will live on campus with a roommate. Later on, he hopes to move off campus in Georgetown to live with friends.

Felix arrived at SSHL two years ago to study the IB Diploma Programme as a boarding student. His father is Swedish and his mother British American.

– It has been really good here, he says. The IB programme has definitely helped me prepare for university. With so many subjects to study, it is a holistic education that has prepared me for the next step.

He feels that the two years he’s spent at SSHL have gone by in an instant. His favorite memories of SSHL will be boarding with his friends – House Midgården where he lives, all the friends he’s made and the intramural House Cup, it has all been a truly meaningful addition to his life and upbringing.

About Felix
Age: 19
Class: DP19
Hobbies: writing articles for magazines, local politics, campaigning for environmental issues
Lives: in London and at SSHL
Favourite book: ‘Homo deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari
My plans for the future: to work in the US for a biotech company, developing new drugs to help treat Alzheimer’s disease for example.
Fun fact about me: one summer I worked at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, a lab run by Nobel prize winner James Watson.

Samuel – from Japan via Sigtuna to New York

Samuel has been accepted to all the universities which he applied to so far: Syracuse in New York, Penn State University and The University of Vermont to which he has been offered a scholarship. A number of smaller universities have also accepted his application.

Students at SSHL are regularly accepted to
top ranking universities across the world and this year is no exception.
We have spoken to three of our most ambitious students about their future adventures.

Samuel Cederwell came to SSHL from London last year to attend an Academic Gap Year. He had just finished five years of upper secondary school at Marlborough College and needed some time to gather his thoughts about the future while improving his academic aptitude. Samuel is half Swedish but has never lived in Sweden, so he also hoped to improve his Swedish language skills during his stay.

– I skipped ahead one year at school when I lived in Japan. So, when I arrived in England, I was the youngest student in my year. Taking a gap year to recuperate and plan for the next adventure seemed like a good move, Samuel says.

Samuel Cederwell

Samuel came to SSHL for an academic GAP year.

He explains that SSHL has provided him with a really inspiring and supportive environment during the past year which has helped him learn to study more effectively. The school offers a lot of support and opportunities for one-on-one time with teachers and house tutors as well as a lot of options for extracurricular and recreational activities. He has improved his mathematics skills considerably and his Swedish language skills are much better now, even though he only claims to understand and not to speak fluent Swedish.

Appreciates the mix of Swedish and international students

Samuel thinks there is a big difference between English boarding school and SSHL. There were no day students in his school in England, so life there was much more sheltered. He appreciates the mix of Swedish and international students at SSHL and that the culture is much more open and caring.

– The food here is much better! And we have more opportunities to explore the area beyond campus. I have explored Stockholm a bit, which is very nice.

Studying in Sweden also an option

Samuel was born in Japan where he spent the first twelve years of his life. His mother is Swedish and all his maternal relatives live in Sweden. Another advantage to his year here in Sigtuna is all the new friends he made. Beyond all the American universities that are falling over themselves to welcome Samuel, he now also has the option to stay in Sweden to study at a Swedish university instead of leaving for the US.

– Handelshögskolan in Stockholm only accepts 7 percent of its applicants. Admissions are really tough there, but Handelshögskolan is absolutely an option if I get the chance, he says.

There are still a few weeks left before Swedish universities finalize their admissions selection, and Samuel is waiting eagerly to hear the results. Samuel is grateful for his abundance of choice, but selecting where to go is is difficult when some of the best universities in the world are on the table.

About Samuel
Age: 18
Class: Business Management BM19
Hobbies: rugby, politics and hunting
Lives: in London and at SSHL
Favourite food: sushi and steak
Fun fact about me: I’m related to king Henry VIII
Dreams for the future: to study business and one day become CEO of the family business.

End of Term Ceremony June 14, 2019

We have reached the final week of this school year and so this Friday we gather for our end of term ceremony. The programme for the day is available below.

Parents are welcome subject to space available. No lunch will be served this Friday.


time activity
09:45 Pupils gather by Midgårdstrappan in their respective mentor groups to march to the Aula. Dresscode: School uniform.
10:00 The programme in the Aula begins
Everyone sings: ”Den blomstertid nu kommer”
Special award ceremony
Speech by Carina Nilsson (Principal)
Presentation of 9th grade and MYP4 certificates and book prizes
Everyone sings: ”En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt”
Pupils leave the Aula in the same order as they entered
Mentors and pupils gather in their mentor rooms
11:30 End of school


High School Graduation “Studenten” 2019

At SSHL there are plenty of traditional graduation activities for students, families and staff. The following is a recap of some of the events in a letter sent out to families earlier this school-year.

Tuesday April 9 – 50 Days-to-Graduation, Arcu-gala

Start: 16.00. “50-dagars” is a much-loved tradition where the graduating students celebrate that there are only 50 days left until graduation. The tradition begins on the steps to Midgåren where the boarding houses each perform a skit or show of some kind. The students then proceed to march off campus and through the town of Sigtuna. Students receive their Matriculation cap when they return to school. The dinner starts at 19.00 for students and specially invited guests, continued by the Arcu gala.

Read more about this tradition and see some of last years celebration here.

Monday May 27 – “Gubbskiva”

Dinner for students and specially invited guests (seating in mentor groups). The evening starts at 18.00 with a performance by the students, followed by dinner where the students give their speech to the mentors.

Tuesday, May 28 – Scholarship Ceremonies

The students gather by the Aula at 13.45 and march into the Aula where parents, family and year 2-pupils are waiting. The programme starts at 14.00 with speeches and music performances followed by the student awards. No planned activities at the school follows afterwards.

Wednesday May 29 – Graduation day


Time Activity
08.30 – 09.10 Breakfast for boarding students in the boarding houses. The exam witnesses and teachers with lessons eat breakfast in the dining hall.
09.15 The students meet the exam witnesses and teachers in Instan/Gradängsalen.
09.45 – 11.10 Lessons according to a special schedule in the presence of exam witnesses and school management.
11.15 Scrutinium in the Aula for students, exam witnesses and teachers. The exam witnesses give their assessment and the students say goodbye to their teachers.
11.30 – 12.00 Assembly at Midgårdstrappan for the families, relatives and friends. The Matriculation cap is exchanged to the Graduation cap in Midgården.
12.00 The student graduation on Midgårdstrappan. Photographing and there after the student meet their families.
12.20 The students assemble on the wall opposite Midgårdstrappan to sing.
12.45 The brass band leads the students back through Sigtuna.
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch for exam witnesses and teachers in the dining hall.
13.30 The students return from their march to Sigtuna.
13.30 External students have their own receptions.
18.30 Departure to Valedictory ball from Stora Torget in Sigtuna.
02.00 Return from the ball with buses to Sigtuna and Stockholm.