Published 28 November 2023

Career Road Show at the Goethe Institute

Our students in German, level 3 and 4, went to Stockholm for a day to have their language lesson in a completely different environment than usual.

Invited by the Goethe Institute, we visited their “Career Road Show”, a fair that shows the students ways to make use of their knowledge of German in the future.

At the fair, there were representatives from universities and companies who informed and talked about study and work opportunities in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden.

We met for example Hop on-Hop off, Visit Sweden, Lidl, the German Tourist Board, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Linköping University and the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD.

The students also got to meet interesting people who work and use their language skills in various industries, and they listened to informative presentations that gave a broad picture and many ideas for future opportunities for students with knowledge of the German language.

Comments from the students:

“We didn’t know there were so many old, prestigious and great universities and so many interesting cities to study in.”
“Many people know English also in German-speaking countries, but it’s clear, you get a more personal contact if you speak German, that facilitates business conversations.”
“Fun to get away instead of being in the classroom.”
“It would be super interesting to visit the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the embassy.”

So these visits are now being discussed and some planned to be carried out in the spring!