Clubs & Societies


At SSHL many pupils are actively involved in the clubs and societies that are run at the school.

The Student Council Every class is represented on the The Student Council, giving every pupil the chance to influence what happens at the school. The Student Council has regular meetings throughout the year with the school management to cooperate on important issues.

IF, the school sports club (Idrottsföreningen), works actively to promote and arrange sporting activities and competitions at SSHL. This also involves cooperating with other schools on events.

Arcu is the club that organises festivities and events such as discos and galas.

Estetföreningen arranges a range of activities within the creative arts throughout the year. This includes the Talent Show and annual school musical.

The Environmental Society
(Miljöföreningen) works to help create and promote a sustainable, environmentally-aware school. There is a strong and positive focus on environmental issues at the school.

SRK, Sista Ring-Kommittén is an organisation run by 3rd year students, supported by the Parents Association. Each year SRK organises dinners and parties for year 2 and 3 upper-secondary school students.

Life-Link and the Kenya Project are two international projects running at the school. Life-Link works to promote sustainable living whilst the Kenya Project works to raise funds for the Mama Norah Education Center.

Prefects from each of the boarding homes come together to work on issues such as leadership and democracy in the homes.

The PR Group is a place where students work with the school’s PR through social media. This organisation is open for all students who have a genuine interest in our school and who want to learn more about marketing.

TeachMe is an organisation that focuses on peer to peer studying. We give the opportunities for students from all ages and programmes to either tutor students or be the student.

SSHL Debate Society is committed to shaping students of the future. Debating is something that occurs on a daily basis at different levels. It is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic, opposing arguments are put forward and argued for/against. The SSHL Debate Society debates frequently, participates in competitions and looks to prepare students for the debates of the future.

The Investment Group SSHL Capital is the school’s finance-related student organisation where members gather around a shared interest in the stock market and finance. Members of the organisation organise regular meetings where they present a stock and discuss different topics related to the stock market.

The Design and Technology group is an extra-curricular activity where students are welcome to meet and work together on collaborative engineering projects. Through the support of the school and several supervisors, the group has held an Hour of Code event, building competitions, egg drop contests, and many other exciting projects, including the very popular 3D printer.

STELLAR An association connected to Astronomisk Ungdom that’s thinking about what is beyond our knowledge, deep in the depths of the universe. For the student who wants to not only learn about space but also have a splendid time doing experiments or joining movie nights.

Ace of Hearts is an organisation at SSHL that strives for equality surrounding all the students by creating safe and fun filled events throughout the school year. Every class within the school has a representative for this organisation with an aim to express their suggestions and concerns surrounding a variety of issues with a focus on anti-bullying.