Published 8 June 2023

Gratulations Class of 2023!


To this year’s graduating students – congratulations once again, you are truly amazing!

See photo album of graduation and scholarships and awards ceremony below!

Thank you to all graduates, and to all family members and friends who came to celebrate the big day with us at SSHL.

The day started in the school’s dining hall, where the graduating students met with graduation witnesses and teachers. Then, the examination lessons were held, where the students presented their projects in the presence of exam witnesses and school leaders.

The ceremony continued with scrutinium in the sports hall for graduates, graduation witnesses and teachers. The graduation witnesses joined in one big, resounding YES to the question if the students were approved. The graduates then said their goodbyes to their teachers.

From the scrutinium, all the students ran up the campus hill to Midgården, where matriculation caps were exchanged for student caps. In the meantime, family, relatives and friends gathered on Midgårdsplanen, impatiently waiting to see their youngsters come out on Midgårdstrappan.

At exactly twelve o’clock, the big doors to Midgården opened and the students could finally run out in their white caps and sing the Swedish graduation anthem.

To end the ceremony, all students lined up to march away from the school and through downtown Sigtuna. Congratulations Stud23! And good luck to you all!

Scroll further down for photo album of graduation, and scholarships day: