Published 16 June 2023

End of School Year Ceremony 2023

Welcome to browse the photo album from Grundenten and End of School Year Ceremony below. 

When our year 9 and MYP4 students end their final year in middle school, we celebrate a little extra with ‘Grundenten’ – a three-course lunch from our fantastic school kitchen, song, music and the students’ speeches to the mentors and teachers.

With song, music and prize awards, the End of School Year Celebration was very special.

Sigtuna Entrepreneurs Association awarded their scholarship to this year’s UF company: Denim it Back UF with students Emma Huvitus, Matilda Hellquist-Wilnersson, Denice Abdallah and Olivia Strand.

Rotary Sigtuna awarded their scholarship for successful entrepreneurship to Stay Hot UF with students Maria Häggqvist and Ellie Thorstensson.

Pernilla Bergqvist, Chair of the Children’s and Youth Board at Sigtuna Kommun, together with vice-chair Johan Henrikson, surprised our fine teacher Sheida Delgoshaei with the award Teacher of the Year in Swedish middle school.

Congratulations, we wish you all a great summer! 

See photo album further down: