Published 5 June 2017

End of Term Ceremony June 9, 2017

09.45 Pupils should gather on Midgårdstrappan in their respective mentor groups

before walking down to the Aula together.

10.00 The programme in the Aula begins

  1.  Song: Den blomstertid nu kommer
  2.  Welcome
  3.  Music: Student ensemble
  4.  Special Award Ceremony
  5.  MYP Prizes
  6.  Music: Student ensemble
  7.  Speech: Eddy Johansson, Principal
  8.  Presentation of 9th grade certificates and book prizes
  9.  Music: Student ensemble
  10.  Song: En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt

Pupils leave the Aula in the same order as when they arrived.

Afterwards, pupils go to their mentor classroom to meet with their mentor.

11.30 The School Day finishes

Please note: No lunch will be served


Have a wonderful summer!