Extracurricular Successes

Extracurricular activities are an important part of maintaining the motivation and energy required for academic success. Over the last few weeks the Fritiden extracurricular department at SSHL has sent teams to multiple events across Europe with a great deal of success.

7 gold medals for the SSHL Swim Team in Luxembourg

SSHL had their best results in history at the NECIS Sports Swim meet in Luxembourg this year. The SSHL team amassed a whopping five individual gold medals, two team gold medals for the relay race, seven individual silver medals and one individual bronze medal!

SSHL Girls Varsity Volleyball Team win 1st place in SIPSI

This is the fourth year running that the SSHL girls dominated the SIPSI volleyball tournament.

We are proud of each of our student’s achievements, but it’s a special thing to see teamwork on this level.

Great work girls, keep it up and the sky is the limit!

SSHL Varsity Boys Basketball Team at NECIS in Antwerpen

The SSHL boys varsity basketball team went to Antwerpen for the 2018 NECIS basketball tournament. The team did much better than last year and went on to win The Plate. Great teamwork was the key to their success, congratulations!

See basketball game scores and photo album below:

ISD – SSHL 54 – 27
ISA – SSHL 45 – 22
CIS – SSHL 22 – 44
SSHL – ISS 32 – 22
SSHL – CIS 40 – 31