Published 20 May 2019

Felix has chosen Georgetown University

Felix has accepted an offer to attend Georgetown University this fall. Georgetown is well known for its political science department including the prestigious Walsh School of Foreign Service that counts former president Bill Clinton as an alumni (among many others).

Felix also has offers from Cornell University, the University of Chicago and from the University of Virginia, as well as a generous offer for an academic scholarship from SMU in Dallas.

Students at SSHL are regularly accepted to
top ranking universities across the world and this year is no exception.
We have spoken to three of our ambitious students about their future adventures.

Felix Hamilton has just returned to Sigtuna and SSHL after three weeks preparing for his IB exams back home in London. The trip was also a chance to catch up with friends and family. Before him lies a hectic end to his time at SSHL with IB exams, graduation traditions and ceremonies only a few weeks away. He’s been applying to US universities throughout the spring:

– I have decided to accept the offer from Georgetown University next year. I was accepted by several other universities too, and I have an academic scholarship at SMU in Texas. But Georgetown is ten minutes from Washington DC, so it is a great location.

Felix Hamilton, SSHL

Some of his London friends are also going to Georgetown University, which probably makes his decision easier. He intends to major in biology at the moment. During his first year as a “freshman”, he will live on campus with a roommate. Later on, he hopes to move off campus in Georgetown to live with friends.

Felix arrived at SSHL two years ago to study the IB Diploma Programme as a boarding student. His father is Swedish and his mother British American.

– It has been really good here, he says. The IB programme has definitely helped me prepare for university. With so many subjects to study, it is a holistic education that has prepared me for the next step.

He feels that the two years he’s spent at SSHL have gone by in an instant. His favorite memories of SSHL will be boarding with his friends – House Midgården where he lives, all the friends he’s made and the intramural House Cup, it has all been a truly meaningful addition to his life and upbringing.

About Felix
Age: 19
Class: DP19
Hobbies: writing articles for magazines, local politics, campaigning for environmental issues
Lives: in London and at SSHL
Favourite book: ‘Homo deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari
My plans for the future: to work in the US for a biotech company, developing new drugs to help treat Alzheimer’s disease for example.
Fun fact about me: one summer I worked at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, a lab run by Nobel prize winner James Watson.