Published 7 April 2017


Information about student graduation activities during spring term 2017


Tuesday April 4 – 50 Days to graduation including Arcu-gala

The students wear fancy dresses and walk to Sigtuna via Sigtunastiftelsen. When they get back, they will receive their Matriculation cap. The dinner starts at 19.00 for the students and especially invited guests continued by the Arcu-gala.

Monday May 22 – “Gubbskiva”

Dinner for students and especially invited guests (seated in mentor groups). The evening starts at 18.00 with a performance by the students (per class) followed by dinner where the students give their speech to the mentors.

Tuesday May 23 – Scholarship Ceremonies

The students gather by the Aula at 13.45 and march into the Aula where parents and family are waiting. The programme starts at 14.00 with speeches and music-performances followed by the student awards. No planned activities afterwards at the school.

Wednesday May 24 – Graduation

  • 08.30 – 09.15 Breakfast for the students in the boarding houses. The exam witnesses and teachers with lessons eat breakfast in the dining hall.
  • 09.20 The students meet the exam witnesses and teachers in Instan/Gradängsalen.
  • 09.45 – 11.10 Lessons according to a special schedule in the presence of exam witnesses and school management.
  • 11.15 Scrutinium in the Aula for students, exam witnesses and teachers. The exam witnesses give their assessment and the students say goodbye to their teachers.
  • 11.30 – 12.00 Assembly at Midgårdstrappan for the families, relatives and friends. The Matriculation cap is exchanged for the Graduation cap in Midgården.
  • 12.00 The student graduation on Midgårdstrappan. Photographing and there after the student meet their families.
  • 12.20 The students assemble on the wall opposite Midgårdstrappan to sing.
  • 12.45 A brass band leads the students through Sigtuna and back.
  • 13.00 – 14.00 Lunch for exam witnesses and teachers in the dining hall.
  • 13.30 Reception for family and friends at each boarding house. Please report to the boarding house know how many (max. 10) you will be latest by Monday May 1st. External students from Sigtuna and in the vicinity of Sigtuna have their receptions at home.
  • 13.30 The students return from their march to Sigtuna.
  • 18.30 Departure to Valedictory ball for the students and invited guests (house parents, school management, mentors). 
  • ca 02.00 Return from the ball with buses to Sigtuna and Stockholm.

The boarding houses and school are closed on May 25-28