Published 1 May 2023

House councils ceremony 2023

Last week we thanked the members of the house councils for their services during this academic year. Diplomas and pins were distributed, as a token of their commitment and hard work.

See photo album below.

Every school year a group of boarding students are appointed as representatives for the house council at their respective boarding houses. Every house has a council of 4-6 students.

Being part of the house council at SSHL means, among other things, to represent and speak for the house in different situations and contexts. It may concern issues such as extracurricular activities or development projects at the school, but also to assist at different events, like fairs and Open House.

As a house council member, you have a special responsibility to be a role model and contribute to a good environment both at school and in the boarding house.

Mazdak Sarvari tillsammans med elevhemmens hempedagoger i skolans matsal

Mazdak Sarvari and the House Tutors during last week’s house council ceremony. 

Mazdak Sarvari is the Head of Boarding at SSHL. What are your expectations of the members of the house council?

– The members of the  house councils should work as a link between the students and the boarding house staff. They should contribute to a good environment and actively participate in various meetings, Mazdak says. It is important that they have a good study discipline and a good and respectful conduct towards their fellow students as well as adults. Simply, to act as a good role model and a reliable friend.

The house council members also work proactively against all forms of discrimination, i e everything that goes against the core values of the school.

– The work of the house councils are built on mutual trust and a close dialogue with the house staff members and myself, Mazdak explains. When difficult situations occur, or if there are problems or worries concerning students, the cooperation between students and staff is of vital importance.

In order to succeed in their mission and develop in their roles, the house councils receive continuous support from the school. It can be anything from everyday feedback from the house parents to lectures and workshops.

Thank you and congratulations to all students and staff for your hard work!

During the ceremony, our House Tutors also presented this year’s “Tutor awards” to those students who excelled a little extra in each house.

See photo album below.