Published 18 March 2021

Introducing a new SSHL IB Programme autumn 2021

The IB Career-related Programme Business & Hospitality Management is a new international High School Programme, planned to start at SSHL in August 2021.

IB Career-related Programme is quite new in Sweden as an alternative for those who are motivated and interested in a special industry field. At SSHL, the programme will be focused on Business and Hospitality Management* and complements our existing IB Diploma Programme.

The world has changed and a multi-billion dollar industry is facing major evolution. Are you service-oriented, innovative, ambitious and interested in sustainability? Are you focused on a career in an industry that is much broader than you might think?

If this applies to you, we believe you may be right for our new Business and Hospitality Management Programme.

This education is part of the IB Career-related Programme, which offers internships in addition to the academic school work. Within the programme, you will get great opportunities to build a network within the industry whilst also preparing for higher studies.

Business and Hospitality Management at SSHL is a two-year programme for 16-19 year olds, that combines academic studies and experience from the industry. Through internships and other workplace experiences, the students’ mobility is facilitated, to promote international understanding. The student will have opportunities for internships both in Sigtuna and Stockholm as well as internationally during the programme.

Prepares for employment as well as higher education

The programme is an international education, recognized by a range of universities, colleges and other educators worldwide. It prepares you for an employment in the Hospitality industry as well as further education in Business and Hospitality Management.

The new programme is planned in cooperation with Mr Carl Palmlund, COO of The Conscious Luxury Hotel Group and co-founder of Royal Park Hospitality & Education Hub, with a long documented career in Hospitality:

Carl Palmlund

Carl Palmlund, The Conscious Luxury Hotel Group

– Hospitality is defined as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers”, but we believe it is more than this, it is an ideology.
– We have to build a new, conscious experience business. When we offer meaningful experiences to people, memories are created that will last for a lifetime as well as an increased understanding and sustainable development for our climate. We look forward to welcoming more young, conscious and innovative people to the industry!” 

IB CP Business & Hospitality Management at SSHL is offered in cooperation with the César Ritz Colleges, the Swiss Education Group and Royal Park Hospitality & Education Hub.

*The planned start of this programme is August 2021, subject to authorisation. We are at the moment in the final stage of the process as a candidate school.

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