Published 5 March 2021

Letter from the Board of Sigtuna Skolstiftelse, regarding the fire

To SSHL students, parents, guardians, alumni, and staff,

The fire that completely destroyed our Aula on Sunday night leaves us with enormous grief, but we are, first and foremost, grateful that no students or staff at the school were injured. Nevertheless, what has happened is very tragic. The Board feels great appreciation for how the school’s management has handled the situation in light of the events of recent days. This task also becomes easier to carry when you are shown such tremendous support as we have seen in the past few days. 

Many of us mourn the loss of our beautiful assembly hall and former sports hall – the Aula, a place where so many students both started and finished their time at school. The fire means a great loss, but I hope you share my view that people and memories live on and that is something that everyone who has a connection to the school contributes to.

The school management has full focus on a lot of practical work now and on preparing for the students’ and staff’s return after the Sports Break. Of course, there will be questions about security. Safety is extremely important and something the school works with on an ongoing basis, both on and around the school grounds. Good routines are in place for everyone to feel safe at SSHL. 

The security work never stops but is ongoing and the school is constantly working to adapt to the society we live in. The school will further strengthen security with various measures by, for example, adding more cameras, increased surveillance, and better ability to detect illegal intrusions. For further questions about the school’s security management, please contact SSHL Security Manager Richard Kindroth,

We have taken on great challenges before and we will do it again. We learn even from difficult experiences and we move forward, strengthened with united efforts. In the midst of the sadness, it is extremely comforting to see all the support shown from so many of you. We appreciate this enormously, not least when we look at the extensive work that lies ahead. Now the focus is on running the school and ensuring that students and staff are well taken care of in an already different everyday life characterized by the pandemic. 

The school and the Board look forward to returning with more information later about the plans to build a new assembly hall. Again, thank you for all the support shown – now we look to the future.

The Board of Sigtuna Skolstiftelse,
Marie von Satzger, Chair