Published 18 December 2019

Mission completed – SSHL Think Tank delivers their first research report

The SSHL ‘Think Tank’ team was recently nominated for the ‘Future Thinking’ category in the International School Awards 2020 in London.

And this week, our Think Tank team of students visited SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) to present their research report for the SLU Department of Ecology.

SSHL Think Tank at SLU, outside the entrance and in classroom.

SSHL Think Tank at SLU, outside the entrance and in classroom.

At the beginning of the term, SLU gave the Think Tank team the mission to investigate how they as Sweden ́s only university of agricultural sciences can grow their student population in the future.

After two and a half months of diligently working on this project, the students have now delivered their report and presented the result to SLU by the required deadline.

And, it was a massive success. The 13 students spent the morning presenting their research report to the heads of SLU Department of Ecology, several senior professors, as well as the head of SLU communications.

Clara Hawkins, teacher at SSHL and mentor for the project:

⎯ SLU is wildly impressed with the market analysis report, which they said was comparable to reports that they order from professional market research centers. They were particularly impressed with the quality of the research because it was evidence driven and well-sourced and cited.

Ms. Hawkins also says that SLU has stated they find the report extremely useful to them and that they want the students to come back to the university to discuss further, as well as establish a long-term collaboration.

While in Uppsala, the students also had a tour of the SLU campus, as well as attended a lecture in Zoology. Here, they got to work with students on a species sorting projects. Each of the students got a really great gift bag from SLU and came home inspired and full of ideas and motivation for further research and university studies.

In January, members from the Think Tank team travel to London to represent SSHL at the International School Awards 2020.

Think Tank is:
…a group of accomplished young students at SSHL – researchers who have the strengths of creative analytical thinking, fearlessness, drive, and flexibility.

As self-motivated students, they benefit from the skill development and applied experience gained in the Think Tank, as well as from offering service, and establishing relationships that can lead to PRAO opportunities, internships, great CV:s, entry to universities, future employment and other adventures.

Below: SSHL Think Tank at SLU.