Published 18 January 2024

More places in Economics and Social Sciences programmes

We are happy to share the fantastic news that we next academic year will be expanding with two more classes in the Economics and Social Sciences programmes.

This means there will be twice as many places to apply for on our 2 most popular programmes for the coming school year of 2024/25.

Anna Kalles, Principal at our Swedish Gymnasium:

– We are shifting towards focusing on high school education only. In this process we now have the opportunity to welcome two more classes for students starting Swedish Gymnasium the academic year of 2024/25.

What is important to think about when you, as a student, make your choice for high school?

– First of all, you should think about which programme you want to study, and then which school you want to attend. In the Swedish national “gymnasium” admission process, it is important that you rank your options correctly so that you as a student can make several choices. Don’t opt ​​out of a school because you don’t believe you can get in.

How do you apply to SSHL?

– Day students apply at “Gymnasieantagningen Storstockholm” admissions website, and boarding students apply on our website.

Do you want to study at SSHL – apply!

Read more – how to apply

For the academic year of 2024/25, we are also introducing the new focus “Enterprise and Entrepreneurship” in IB Career-related Programme. The career programme is perfect for students who dream of starting their own business, want to study in English, and perhaps work internationally in the future. Read more here 

– At SSHL, our teachers are highly educated with a lot of experience and commitment, says Mrs Kalles, Principal for the Swedish Gymnasium.